Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm back from my vacation/holiday away! it was an AMAZING God filled time! I think i slept more in the last 10 days than in the last 10months! it was totally sweet! I had a BLAST in Bend Oregon! What a place! Everyday was full of adventure as my Bend Buddies showed me life in Bend. I Loved every moment of it! I even went ice skating on an outdoor rink!!! it was almost like i was in Time Square....except not.....check out the pics.... it was ghetto fabulous and God stinkin' rocked my socks off with amazing expericances and quality "me and Jesus" time!

Happy Turkey Day a bit late.... i met up with my family in Silverton OR. for the traditional family time for thanksgiving....lots of food, amazing fellowship, and AMAZING teaching! We spend thanksgiving at a family camp called CRC and there is always a speaker. This year Jim Moore taught on Intimacy with our Daddy God and Savior. It was incredible! So on top of 5 amazing days in Eastern Oregon, i got a second dose of God's goodness and was pulled further into His amazing presence! I got to spend time with my bro Jeremiah who normally lives on the East coast, so that was an amazing blessing. He's pretty much my best friend so having not seen him for the last 5.5 months, yikes, there was some serious sibling time to be had!

Snow! oh my goodness snow!Having not experiance any snow to really talk about in Bend or on the Mountain at CRC.....i was quite surprised to some home to Whatcom County to find my yard, driveway, road, roof, car covered in White Powdery Goodness!!!!! Praise the Lord for safe travels back here, that was amazing! I love snow....there is something about it that is kind of romantic and it makes me smile =) I have yet to build a snow man or snow castle.....but if the weather man is right it will be around awhile!

Blogs? what's with that? If you can tell me what Blog means... you win a prize! So i started a Blog on Blogger in like May, but i never could figure it out... until like TODAY!!!! so i'm pretty stoaked about that. I don't think i am a very good blogger.....but we'll see.....who reads blogs? if you do give me a "woot-woot" I love reading them and hearing what people's minds are like.....and what random....and often not so random things they write about..... so check out my blog:
if you are a blogger, and can help me out please let me know i have not been able to figure out how to find my friends with blogs on blogger, and how to have the links to other people's blogs on there....hmmm any ideas? let me know!

What a November! God is so good. I will coninue to speak of his goodness every day! I'm overwhelmed my his love for me! It compells me to love him more! Be Blessed, Bless others and Love God above all!
ok so i'm farely new to this whole "blogging" thing.....actually i have tried to be good about blogging since May i guess, but i never got how to do any of this so here's try number 500! It seems funny to write a blog sometimes, cause i'm not even sure if anyone reads it! Agh, that's scary. Oh well. The Lord is good, and if nobody reads this, it can be my thoughts to Jesus, even if they are random. I guess he already knows all of this so it's okay! What a great God! Let the passion grow!