Wednesday, May 28, 2008


For reasons not known to myself... my mind seems to come alive at night. I try to go to sleep; really i do. I even watch movies i've seen 100 times to see if i will be bored and drift off to the land of sheep jumping over fences (really who dreams of such things?), but to no avail. I am wide awake. things i find myself doing at 1:17 am;

1. blog hopping. my mom, Bo, Jess, Joann, E&L, sam i am, Jess again, my sister, Ben Edward's, my mom again and whoever else i might stumble across... btw good posting people!!!!

2. take pictures of myself with my icamera.... and for your viewing pleasure:

this is my "why in the world am i awake?" face

this is "oh my it's still in B&W"

3. check my email, just in case someone else on the planet is awake at this hour and has emailed me.

4. check craigslist for a house to rent.... just in case someone woke up and thought perhaps they should post an add before the sun is shining and normal people are awake to read it.

5. yawn. yes i yawn... and for most people that is a sure sign that they are tired and should be in bed. I however am far from normal, so yawning just implies that air needed to be released in a slow and long sort of way.

So there you have it. Me at 1:32 am. wide awake and wondering what you are dreaming about?

Friday, May 23, 2008

a weekend in pictures Part 1

Every photographer loves to perfect the art of self portraits... especially with amazing little siblings!
Josiah and me! what a stud-muffin!
yes i know you already saw this one... but i like it a lot!
 a year ago i would never have guessed i would be blessed with 2 more little sisters!!!!!
Rachel and me
Madison and Hosanna have hung out and been friends for a long time, but this year their friendship has totally become like long lost sisters! They spend almost everyday together!
This year they signed up at different time so ended up on different teams... this is Hosanna catching and Maddie at bat...

yep, their best friends for sure!
softball strong!

Elijah sliding in to home! Oh how i LOVE t-ball!
Elijah, Preston and Jake have been friends since they were tiny guys when all they could do was sit, stare and drool... now they all play t-ball, ride bikes, play legos and do all the other really cool stuff big guys do!

a weekend in pictures Part2

We went to Vancover B.C. on Sunday for a walk in Stanley Park with a friend my parents met in Ghana!!!! 
Sarah stopped to blow the flowers...

Rachel stopped to pick some flowers;
sweet ride; no silly,  it's not my dad's!
papa D joins in the jumping picture fun!

this is half of the Diacogiannis kiddos;
E was tired after walking;
rachel got a ride from hosanna;

... time!
me and Rachel... Elijah(age 6) took this picture!

Holding On


Vancover, Canada

i took pictures....

For Jordan and Jen.... They are gettin' married in July and i have the privilege of shooting the wedding as well!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

glorious weekend.

this last weekend i went up to visit my FABULOUS family in Washington and took a TON of pics... here's one of me and my sister hosanna joy to keep you interested;

check back soon for:
-more pics 
-the whole adventure
-the Scariest Story of my Life 
(not joking it's SCARY).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New House...

I really am looking for a new place to live... however this is NOT it... but it's SUPER cute, and i could totally handle a house this cute.... perhaps tone down the colors!!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

hey all...
I just posted some new pics on my photography blog...check it out!!!


Apparently I take pictures...

On Saturday i had the pleasure of taking pics for 2 dear friends of mine for their Prom.... here is one of the favorites;

~Jordan and Paige~ Prom 2008~

and can i say that no photo shop or camera filter was used? the only "touch up" was done in iphoto; i blurred the edges!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

My little Brother J.

My little Brother J..... really funny.

Here is a story from my mom's blog;

A New Use for Masking Tape
A few nights ago, Ben headed to bed awhile after J. He immediately ran back upstairs and said, "Mom ... J.'s mouth is taped shut!" Hmmm ??? I contemplated whether or not to find my camera (this could make a good blog post), but, instead, just told Ben to take the tape off of his mouth, and that we would ask J. in the morning why he would tape his mouth shut before he went to sleep.

Well ... he actually had quite a logical explanation ... and we all had a good laugh ...

The following night, just before bed, I remembered the incident and casually asked J. about this new usage for masking tape. He explained that while he is sleeping his mouth hangs open and he drools on his pillow. He does not like to awaken to a drool soaked pillow, so he thought that taping his mouth shut would be a good idea. I asked him what he uses his mouth for, to which he responded (with a big smile), "Breathing?" I laughed, and told J. that he should thank Ben for saving his life ... since it is pretty important to be able to breathe while you sleep.

We all had a good laugh, as I explained to the kids that taping our mouths shut was not the best use of tape.