Friday, May 23, 2008

a weekend in pictures Part2

We went to Vancover B.C. on Sunday for a walk in Stanley Park with a friend my parents met in Ghana!!!! 
Sarah stopped to blow the flowers...

Rachel stopped to pick some flowers;
sweet ride; no silly,  it's not my dad's!
papa D joins in the jumping picture fun!

this is half of the Diacogiannis kiddos;
E was tired after walking;
rachel got a ride from hosanna;

... time!
me and Rachel... Elijah(age 6) took this picture!

Holding On


Vancover, Canada


Carissa said...

i almost cried!!!!
i miss my family! wow, Cass i gotta tell ya, you are one stinkin´ good photographer!!!

love you till Jesus comes!

Lindsey said...

i love the pics... too bad i had to work that day! lame... hope we find a house soon!

hangin' on to God's promises!
-lou <><