Thursday, May 01, 2008

My little Brother J.

My little Brother J..... really funny.

Here is a story from my mom's blog;

A New Use for Masking Tape
A few nights ago, Ben headed to bed awhile after J. He immediately ran back upstairs and said, "Mom ... J.'s mouth is taped shut!" Hmmm ??? I contemplated whether or not to find my camera (this could make a good blog post), but, instead, just told Ben to take the tape off of his mouth, and that we would ask J. in the morning why he would tape his mouth shut before he went to sleep.

Well ... he actually had quite a logical explanation ... and we all had a good laugh ...

The following night, just before bed, I remembered the incident and casually asked J. about this new usage for masking tape. He explained that while he is sleeping his mouth hangs open and he drools on his pillow. He does not like to awaken to a drool soaked pillow, so he thought that taping his mouth shut would be a good idea. I asked him what he uses his mouth for, to which he responded (with a big smile), "Breathing?" I laughed, and told J. that he should thank Ben for saving his life ... since it is pretty important to be able to breathe while you sleep.

We all had a good laugh, as I explained to the kids that taping our mouths shut was not the best use of tape.


Yessica said...

Your question: "See you soon?"
My Answer: Yes, absolutely, please... it will be at the most 3 weeks... and at the least 2.
Keep loving Jesus, and keep blogging because I love it!

Carissa said...

Hey!!! what a funny story! thanks Ben for saving his life! whew!

love you Cass and hope to talk to you soon!


Eric and Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, that is the funniest thing I've heard all day. I think I should try that trick. Or wait... what if all the drool stored up and then you wake up with a mouthful of drool...Eww. Anyways funny stuff!