Monday, December 31, 2007

Seeing Triple in Bend Oregon!

This weekend my dear-sweet-amazing sisters visited from Lynden for the first time!!! Carissa and Lindsey are two of the most precious people i know! They have these hearts... that are HUGE!!!!

Carissa. Is the older of the 2 by 7 minutes. She speaks Spanish almost fluently and when she returns from Argentina i'm sure she won't remember English =) Her heart has been moved in Compassion for the Latin American culture for years. And when i say moved... i am pretty sure her heart sits in her stomach and aches to see Hope and Freedom come to a people locked up in hopelessness and fear. She came to Red Robin and pretty much just chatted it up with all "the guys". . . i have on idea what they talked about other than the fact that i DON"T speak spanish... but it sure was fun watching her love people through language

Lindsey. Lou- Lou = Soft Heart. She is so sensitive to the things that move the heart of God. This last year has been a whirlwind of growth and challenge for Lindsey, but through it all she Stands firm in Jesus... pressing into what He wants to teach her. Even though she is not going to Argentina for 6 months. Linds also has a HUGE love for the Latino culture... all those years of working in the berry fields have given her an eye for those who seem "hidden" from America, yet help us stand. She also was so fun to watch speaking Spanish with my buddies at the Bird.

Even though it was a SHORT FAST weekend, i am SO glad that they got to be here to experience my life in Bend. They came to Westside, Red Robin, Backporch, Safeway, Jonny Carino's... all my favorite places! And everywhere we went people asked if we were related... "no we just look alike."
it was a lot of fun.

Thanks for visiting sistas... come again soon!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Some Thoughts about the Year.

As we get closer to 2008 I feel i must post some notes pondering all the things that have happened in my life in 2007... so on Christmas Eve at 1:39 am ... here is my first post in such regard. Here is my little "article" i wrote for our family New Years Letter!!!

I sat down to write this years part of the Diacogiannis Dispatch and started by reading over my journals from the last year or so. I love looking back at 1 year and seeing all the things God has brought me through. It is overwhelming at times; His Grace, Faithfulness and Love.

As most of you know I am living and breathing different air then the rest of my family. I moved down to Bend Oregon on April 20th full of excitement and anticipation of the plans God had for me in this new place. Little did I know or imagine the adventure that lay ahead of me. The story that brought me to Bend is far to long to be held within the pages of this New Years letter. I will do my best to condense this adventure I have been on in a few short paragraphs.

I was hired at Red Robin a month before the move, so I started work 2 days after moving here. Going from full-time ministry at North County Christ the King to Red Robin was so strange. I was not at all prepared for the people, lifestyles and lack of God in that place. On the flipside I was not prepared for the boldness and kindness of the Christians in the very same place! Red Robin soon became a big part of my life. Over the summer I worked 40+ hours a week and loved every minute of it.

Westside Church is my second or third home depending how you look at it. There is my house… the place I sleep and am writing this, there is The Bird were I spend lots of hours a week serving people Smiling Burgers and Bottomless Fries, and then there is my Church. The move to Westside has been the hardest, most rewarded thing I have ever done. After 6 months of tears, prayers, walks with Jesus asking and searching for the reason why I was brought to this place; I felt His releasing into a new ministry and passion. I am now the Lead of Connections for Oneighty. Oneighty is the High School Ministry at Westside and if I didn’t have bills to pay I would spend so much more time there with the amazing team of leaders and Pastors. My goal in Oneighty is to be the bridge between being a “newbie” and “in the family”. I LOVE High Schoolers. They are on such a different planet than most of us, but what they need most is the Love of Christ poured into their lives in a tangible way. This is the goal of Oneighty. I could go on and on… just ask me in person sometime… and be prepared to see the fireworks in my eyes and the spring in my step increase as I talk about the things God is doing in the young lives of Central Oregon!

Grace. Faithfulness and overwhelming love. These are the things that sum up my last year. Grace from all of those who watched me do the craziest thing of my life. Faithfulness that only comes from my Father in Heaven and overwhelming Love from both. I am so blessed. I know where I’m at. I have a piece of the future in mind and I know that my Jesus will be with me every step of the way. He hasn’t let go of my hand yet, but keeps encouraging me to trust Him, and so here I sit; Trusting in the One I can’t see but I know is real. Believing for a destiny and living a life that was not in my plans, but my greatest joy is knowing that I AM right where God wants me. May each one of you find this joy in your life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bend Oregon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekend Joyness!

This weekend I went to Lynden... and if you are reading this and didn't get to see me while i was there... it's cause it was a super quick trip. Sorry.

I took my "adopted" little sis from Bend home to meet the family! Paige and i had quite the adventures. We jumped into Canada... literally. Check out the slide show!

While we were in Lynden North County Christ the King(my old stomping grounds) opened it's NEW Worship Center. It was so amazing to be back not only at my old church, but old job... life... and seeing a HUGE DREAM fulfilled. It was so amazing to be standing in a Miracle. I walked in the door to the new Commons (foyer) and just took a moment and praised the Lord. When i moved, i had no idea i would be able to be at the opening weekend for such an amazing moment!

WE also celebrated Christmas a little bit early. Since i won't be going home for Christmas this year, we opened presents to and from me and Papa and Mama gave us our new ornaments. I'll post those pics soon... my camera battery died... But I got a ton of AWESOME stuff. My kitchen is all tooled up for baking/cooking!!! hooray!

On the way home Paige and i had one last adventure... sliding into a Snow Drift!!!! I have never "spun out" before... so i kinda had a WOW moment... but no tears, screams or anything... we just looked at each other and said, "chains?" We hadn't put them on yet =) Much to our joy a very kind man stopped... and he had a shovel. Who carries a shovel in there truck?? He dug us out, showed me how to work my four wheel drive and then gave us a shove out of the snow!!! We got back on the road and praised the Lord for protection and Safety.... no one was behind us or coming towards us!!!! it was totally amazing!

Christmas is just 7 days away. I hope you have your focus on JESUS, and the JOY of his birth! What an amazing time of year this is!
Joy+lots of it= Joyness!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hooray for Family.

Hooray for Jesus.

Hooray for ones and long time ones.

Hooray for dreams come true.


Hooray for Christmas.

Hooray for Lights.

Hooray for guitars... i wish i could play them.

Hooray for Worship.


Hooray for Miracles.

Hooray for children....someday.


Hooray for Blessings.

Hooray for Blenders.

Hooray for towels....especailly red and black ones for my kitchen.


Hooray for Dad and Mom....they love each other lots.

Hooray for Little Brothers.... who are so grown up.

Hooray for little Sisters... the ones who are taller than me.

Hooray for big brother is my very own.


Hooray for love.

Hooray for life.

Hooray for beauty.

Hooray for pain....even though it hurts... healing is good.

Hooray for emotions.

Hooray for holidays.

Hooray for road trips.


Hooray for Canada.

Hooray for 10-19's.... whatever they are!




Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life with Internet!

Today is a very Happy day for me... yes it's true; I am sitting at my desk, typing on my computer, uploading my photos... with MY INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to me... that's all i'm giving myself... internet.... the connection to the world around me...

i'm not sure i have been missed though... due to the lack of comments... i'm not even sure people read this silly thing....oh welll.... I still love blogging... Funny thoght; my mom is a professional Blogger... she blogs WAY more than me and is always updating pictures, adding slideshows, and linking more blogging friends to her blog. WAY TO GO MOM!!!

Life in Bend Oregon has been AMAZING since i last wrote. God is so so so so faithful. I am LOVING ministry in Oneighty High School. It rocks my tuesdays and sundays!!!! I am super involved in the Connections area... making sure students are not left out on the fringe. It is totally amazing and i am so excited to see 180 grow and be a place High schoolers from around Bend can call family. Last week we had a staff VS Varsity girls Volleyball match/game it was incredible.

Thanksgiving was AMAZING as usual. CRC is defiantly one of my most favorite places ever.

and here are some random fall/winter pics....