Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life with out Internet!

I can't believe it's been so stinkin LONG!!!! Oh how i miss blogging!!!

Do you ever wonder what life was like before the INTERNET??? The thought has crossed my mind here and there... but this past month and a little bit has been amazing!!! and weird!!! I didn't realize how much i use the World Wide Web until i had to live without it!!! You see i have this AMAZING new living situation, but we don't have internet at our house...and since i have a 21" imac, going to a coffee shop to use the internet is rare... I did actually yake it to Backporch once... but i was desprate, and that's when i DID have internet at my old house! So here i sit... houssitting and enjoy the internet at my fingertips!!! glory. but tomorrow... i'm back to a life of random friends computers... and checking email on occasion.
Once i do get internet where my computer is... then i will for sure be adding pictures from my last month and a bit and updating as often as my little heart desires, but for now; This will have to do.

Life in Bend Oregon is as exciting as always!!! I LOVE my new apartment and my roomates are great!!!

Work; Since this is where i spend most my time. Red Robin aka The Dirty Bird is a GREAT. I am really learned a lot about what it means to "walk out your faith". I can preach my heart out, but if i am not consistantly living(every day) what i am "preaching" i've got nothing. Sometimes i feel like the non- Jesus lovers are watching me. Just waiting to see what i will do... if i will fail. They love to try and push my buttons; to see if i will ever get mad to the point of exploding. It's been a challenge in someways not to just give up hope for these people. But i know no one else is praying for some of them and if i don't no one will... and then their hope would be lost. So i keep praying... and living as consistant as possible... and just lovin' on 'em. Trying to see them with Jesus eyes and love them with God's heart. I wish they would "just get it".... but it's a battle not easily won. And so back to my knees i go.

Church; I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Emerge is averaging about 120m a week!!!!! It is simply amazing!!!! I wouldn't miss a Thursday night if my rent bill depended on it!!!!! I am volunteering in High School Ministry now... 180 ( pretty much is amazing. I love it so much. On Tuesday night we had a prayer and worship night.... with 3 prayer focuses and then worship mixed in all over the place. I was telling somone the other day that it should be illegal how much i love pouring my life into these student's lives. I think sometimes i am more blessed by watching them grow then they are by me being there. =) Mostly i just want kids to see that life in Christ is SO much better(John 10:9-10) than life for this world and this now. It's also great working with so many of my students at The Bird.... or they all come in and hang out. =)

Future; God's will be done in my life AMEN!!!! I keep seeking wisdom...searching out right living.... and pressing into what God' perfect will is for my life... and i keep going back to my blog entry entitled; The Will of God.... check it out if you haven't.... i believe i wrote it in July.

May the Light of Christ grow brighter and brighter as you run the race He has called you to! I pray that you would experiance more of him everyday and that you would never tire of His Adventure!!!

Don't waste a moment... don't watch your life go by... you only have NOW... live the best Life of your Life... it's all you got.... seize the moment!!! Live for more.