Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life with out Internet!

I can't believe it's been so stinkin LONG!!!! Oh how i miss blogging!!!

Do you ever wonder what life was like before the INTERNET??? The thought has crossed my mind here and there... but this past month and a little bit has been amazing!!! and weird!!! I didn't realize how much i use the World Wide Web until i had to live without it!!! You see i have this AMAZING new living situation, but we don't have internet at our house...and since i have a 21" imac, going to a coffee shop to use the internet is rare... I did actually yake it to Backporch once... but i was desprate, and that's when i DID have internet at my old house! So here i sit... houssitting and enjoy the internet at my fingertips!!! glory. but tomorrow... i'm back to a life of random friends computers... and checking email on occasion.
Once i do get internet where my computer is... then i will for sure be adding pictures from my last month and a bit and updating as often as my little heart desires, but for now; This will have to do.

Life in Bend Oregon is as exciting as always!!! I LOVE my new apartment and my roomates are great!!!

Work; Since this is where i spend most my time. Red Robin aka The Dirty Bird is a GREAT. I am really learned a lot about what it means to "walk out your faith". I can preach my heart out, but if i am not consistantly living(every day) what i am "preaching" i've got nothing. Sometimes i feel like the non- Jesus lovers are watching me. Just waiting to see what i will do... if i will fail. They love to try and push my buttons; to see if i will ever get mad to the point of exploding. It's been a challenge in someways not to just give up hope for these people. But i know no one else is praying for some of them and if i don't no one will... and then their hope would be lost. So i keep praying... and living as consistant as possible... and just lovin' on 'em. Trying to see them with Jesus eyes and love them with God's heart. I wish they would "just get it".... but it's a battle not easily won. And so back to my knees i go.

Church; I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Emerge is averaging about 120m a week!!!!! It is simply amazing!!!! I wouldn't miss a Thursday night if my rent bill depended on it!!!!! I am volunteering in High School Ministry now... 180 ( pretty much is amazing. I love it so much. On Tuesday night we had a prayer and worship night.... with 3 prayer focuses and then worship mixed in all over the place. I was telling somone the other day that it should be illegal how much i love pouring my life into these student's lives. I think sometimes i am more blessed by watching them grow then they are by me being there. =) Mostly i just want kids to see that life in Christ is SO much better(John 10:9-10) than life for this world and this now. It's also great working with so many of my students at The Bird.... or they all come in and hang out. =)

Future; God's will be done in my life AMEN!!!! I keep seeking wisdom...searching out right living.... and pressing into what God' perfect will is for my life... and i keep going back to my blog entry entitled; The Will of God.... check it out if you haven't.... i believe i wrote it in July.

May the Light of Christ grow brighter and brighter as you run the race He has called you to! I pray that you would experiance more of him everyday and that you would never tire of His Adventure!!!

Don't waste a moment... don't watch your life go by... you only have NOW... live the best Life of your Life... it's all you got.... seize the moment!!! Live for more.


Anonymous said...

hey cass,
your so amazing I love how much you love god I try so hard to preach the word to my friends but it's so hard and you are definately an inspiration to me!!!!
Love you lots and lots and lots!!

Older than dirt said...

I think it's great that you feel that Jesus helps you in your life. Many of us feel like we have wonderful, positive, fruitful lives even though we don't believe in Jesus or God or Allah or whatever.

If people just remember that we all want the same things in life we'd all be better off.

Yessica said...

Hey miss, its great to read your blog an see how you're doing! I can't wait to see you're lovely face in less than a month!!