Saturday, May 14, 2011

it's a new word.

closer-ish. (noun) a describing word. closer in proximity. closer in countries. closer in time zones. the new distance that two people are physically from each other.
Cassie is so happy that her sister is now closer-ish.

This word and definition actually apply to both my sisters in this picture...

...however today i am especially thankful that my sister
(the one to the right of me) is closer-ish.
She just arrived home from Argentina; it's been entirely too long since i have seen her!
(the one in the pink) is currently in Denver CO with YWAM...
which also makes her closer-ish to my current location.


Yup, i'm still here.
Sometimes silent in the blogging world, but alive and well; shivering my way through the
Minnesota Spring and praying Summer comes soon.