Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas from New Orleans!

hey y'all!
I'm in the south here in new Orleans LA... so i thought I'd start off with a little southern drawl! he he! the Diacogiannis fam is all here in N. O for Christmas outreach 2006! We are having a blast so far! Staying at the House of Prayer church on Canal street in mid-city. It's fabulous! Pastor Jon and Elizabeth are wonderful people with Big hearts and believing god for good things in this city so full of destruction and sin! We have been here nearly a week and seen so much! We are working to finish the re-model of the 50 year old church building... it was almost finished before Katrina hit and then it went back to the beginning because of the storm. So painting, putting in ceiling tiles, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and general up keep things have kept us busy this week. We hosted a ladies tea last Tuesday night and 27 women showed up for that! Praise the Lord. This coming Thursday and Friday we are hosting a Kid's Ministry Christmas Party... It's kinda like a mini VBS, but WAY BETTER and more fun! We are going to be giving away at least 10 bikes to some of the kid's that come plus tons of toys and stuffed animals! I'm praying for at least 50 kids each day.... so if ya Read this join the prayers! I'm excited to see what God is going to do! I can hardly believe it is 2 days from Christmas! I love LOVE LOVE this year! I think everyone should experience a Christmas like this! it's simply amazing to be able to give from my heart and not expect anything in return!!! I'm so blessed! and to be able to be a blessing to those in need is one of the best feelings of all times! God is good... i will bless his name forever and EVER!
Merry Christmas and Blessings in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Cheer!

Christmas. Celebrate Christ. Why isn't everyday titled Christmas? I think there should be a calendar that everyday it says Christmas.....Because shouldn't we celebrate him all day everyday anyway? Just a thought. Well last week i went to three Christmas Parties in 2 days! Craziness. One had a white-elephant gift exchange.....i got pink earmuffs, a blue bouncy ball, and a Large tshirt that is baby blue with the Nerds Candy on the front!!! it's pretty sweet.....oh yea and it came with Jello! It was pretty fabulous! One of the parties was a Church Staff Banquet complete with prime rib and cheesecake! Yea! It was so much fun reviewing all the things God has done in and through North County Christ the King this year. The pic is at the Christmas party for all the Small Group leaders at NCCTK. It was also very fun to see the Small group ministry growing and the leaders actaully catching the vision of NCCTK. I love my will always be the platform for where the Lord takes me. No matter how far away that is.....Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a bloggers life span....

What defines a good blogger? Someone who writes everyday? that would be CRAZY in my estimation, but then of course i do only blog about once a semester! I feel the need to be a better blogger. Why? I'm not sure! Perhaps it is because i read other people's blogs and they sound so put together about blogging(whatever that means). Or maybe i need an outlet for the random, and sometimes not so random thoughts that go around and around in my head! It's crazy really, because i am not even so sure ANYONE has ever read one of my blogs.....that is a strange thought....who reads them anyway? and how in the world would i go about "adveritising" a blog? Send out a mass email to all on emailing friends and tell them to read my blog? that would sound a bit like i had an ego or at least something to say. It's like i either need a fan club or i need to do something exciting in order to tell people to read about me......hmmm. Perhaps one day when i move, i will be a more faithful blogger...and then people might actually want to read my blog, because i won't be able to just "de-brief" about life in person with all the people who live and breath in the area where i do that currently. So what is a bloggers life span? What makes a good blogger? What makes a blog worth reading? and WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES "BLOG" even mean?????? i have no idea to any of these if you whoever may be reading this has a thought about any of this....drop me a comment....leave me an email and above all LOVE God with your WHOLE stinkin' life....regardless of if you blog or not!

Patience is hard! I sometimes wish i could just learn it and get it over's so hard. Especially on those days when you know there is something better out there, but you also know that the Lord is trying to build character in you. That was my day today! I know God is working and preparing things for me to do, but today at work i just wanted to quit and get on with life! BUT praise the Lord for people who can speak into my life and remind how much God is doing in my life! I'm so excited to see how God is going to get me where he is taking me! In the mean time i will enjoy the character building process of learning patience and pouring myself into the "now" of my life.