Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a bloggers life span....

What defines a good blogger? Someone who writes everyday? that would be CRAZY in my estimation, but then of course i do only blog about once a semester! I feel the need to be a better blogger. Why? I'm not sure! Perhaps it is because i read other people's blogs and they sound so put together about blogging(whatever that means). Or maybe i need an outlet for the random, and sometimes not so random thoughts that go around and around in my head! It's crazy really, because i am not even so sure ANYONE has ever read one of my blogs.....that is a strange thought....who reads them anyway? and how in the world would i go about "adveritising" a blog? Send out a mass email to all on emailing friends and tell them to read my blog? that would sound a bit like i had an ego or at least something to say. It's like i either need a fan club or i need to do something exciting in order to tell people to read about me......hmmm. Perhaps one day when i move, i will be a more faithful blogger...and then people might actually want to read my blog, because i won't be able to just "de-brief" about life in person with all the people who live and breath in the area where i do that currently. So what is a bloggers life span? What makes a good blogger? What makes a blog worth reading? and WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES "BLOG" even mean?????? i have no idea to any of these if you whoever may be reading this has a thought about any of this....drop me a comment....leave me an email and above all LOVE God with your WHOLE stinkin' life....regardless of if you blog or not!


Vicky said...

Blog is short for web-log :) Don't ask me how I know that, as I myself don't have a blog. But I like to read other people's blogs, so I'll happily check yours.
Looking forward to keeping up on the crazy fun amazing life of Cassandra Diacogiannis!
Love ya,

Melanie said...

I read your blogs! Sometimes I feel the same as you though, especially when there are no comments left on blogs I post. Sometimes I send out an email to people to remind them that I have a blog they can read to catch up on my life, and it's usually pretty successful. Godd luck in finding ways to get people to read your blog! Just remember that SOME people do read it though! :-)