Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Amazing God I serve

God of glory You have made all things, all things
Who am I that You would think of me, of me
For You made the earth, You made the stars
Yet You know my name; You know my heart
You're always there; You're never far away

So amazing as You paint the sky
So amazing, makes me wonder why
You love me like You do
You love me like You do
That You love me like You do
So amazing, so amazing

I see the birds ride on the winds, they fly so high
Mountain peaks so tall they seem to touch the sky
Creation calls Your name above
Yet in Your mercy and Your love
You came to give Your life that I might live

No other words could discribe how i feel right now.... I Love the amazing-ness of my God, my Love, my Life, my very breath i breathe. He alone is the reason i live and breathe.... it's so amazing. His Love for me and the WAY he loves me.... i can't even put it into words!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Honored Guest

Give God the Best.....Here's a little look at what i love to do... make videos! This is for a series on tithing in Kid's Place.. aka my place of ministry....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cassie News...

Let's see it seems like so much is going on i don't know where to start....

New Car
Yupee! I'm LOVING my "new" car! It's a 1999 Honda Passport (suv) and it's like brand new! It's wonderful and i love driving it around... hosanna says i look like a mom in it =) and everyone else says it's "SO COOL"... i think so too!

Moving?!?!? Did someone say MOVING! for real. Cassie is actually moving out... and away! Where? oh that would be a great tid-bit of info... Bend Oregon!!!! Why? well the simple answer is that I know that is where God wants me and it's not an option not to go! It's actually been 6 months in the works... the moving part. Bend became the place in November when i went down and fell in love with the city, and a church. Westside church (www.westsidechurch.org) is a foursquare church of about 3,000 in attendance. I have actaully heard about Westside for the last 5 years and when i finally got to visit i knew it was going to be a part of my life! When? oh yea when! June 2007 is the approx. month... probably not sooner, but it's possible.... i'll let you know sometime after March 21st.... when i get back from being there again....I'm very excited for this new adventure Jesus is taking me on. It will be delightful, amazing, hard and CRAZY. But i know the Lord is leading me there and his reason will become evident i'm sure. I would love all your prayers, as this is a new kind of adventure for me, and my family.

Lessons from the Horse barn...
Ok here's the story. I am house sitting for some people with 3 horses... which means i am cleaning out stalls and all that jazz. Well yesterday i was scooping poop.... realized i had left it undone for 2 days... which doesn't seem like very long, but three horses in a barn.... yikes! It was quite the job.... time consuming, smelly, heavy, hard, and just plain not the most enjoyable thing in the world. As i was scooping away i was wishing i had done it earlier...like the past two days! Instead of putting it off.... which is so easy to do, and it was like the Lrod totally used that thought to remind me that sin in my life is like poop in the barn. If i continue to put off making things right in my life i will become, smelly, heavy and hard hearted.... and not fun to be around. We as Christians need to continually clean out our heart. Taking care of the Sin in our lives so that we don't become smelly. If we put it off.. freedom will be harder to be had.

there you have it... that's the cassie news for February 16th....choose Joy and Seek Wisdom!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I luv my little sister

I Love my sista Hosanna Joy! She is such a special chic! I can't imagine life without her, and wouldn't trade her for the stars! she is a little firecracker... and i'm so blessed that she is in my life to keep me humble, girly, and goofy! She's even a september baby....which makes her extra special....cause when i turned 11 it was the best gift God could give me.... a little sis.... a roomate... a friend. I love her to the birds and back a million times over. She is so funny. I wish everyone could know her and experiance the Joy of the Lord in this amazing 10 year old! I pray God's protection and blessings on her always.
"here's to looking at you.....(hosanna joy)"