Sunday, February 04, 2007

I luv my little sister

I Love my sista Hosanna Joy! She is such a special chic! I can't imagine life without her, and wouldn't trade her for the stars! she is a little firecracker... and i'm so blessed that she is in my life to keep me humble, girly, and goofy! She's even a september baby....which makes her extra special....cause when i turned 11 it was the best gift God could give me.... a little sis.... a roomate... a friend. I love her to the birds and back a million times over. She is so funny. I wish everyone could know her and experiance the Joy of the Lord in this amazing 10 year old! I pray God's protection and blessings on her always.
"here's to looking at you.....(hosanna joy)"



Vicky said...

Oh, I love your little sister too! I miss my Hosanna Joy!!!! Give her a big hug from me and tell her I said hi :)
I love the pictures too... Hosanna's growing up so much! Thanks for sharing.

Merri Diacogiannis said...

Stumbled across your blog and showed your little cousin Alyx, now 8. Remember last time you saw her she was in that whole body cast? Awesome how God is using you. Seems you have a heart for children, please if you can pray for your cousins Alyx and Christian that God would teach them and continue to reveal himself in their lives. Loved the very first photo of you & Greg. M

Melanie said...

awww, I love Hosanna too! She is so funny! Those pictures are great!