Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Amazing God I serve

God of glory You have made all things, all things
Who am I that You would think of me, of me
For You made the earth, You made the stars
Yet You know my name; You know my heart
You're always there; You're never far away

So amazing as You paint the sky
So amazing, makes me wonder why
You love me like You do
You love me like You do
That You love me like You do
So amazing, so amazing

I see the birds ride on the winds, they fly so high
Mountain peaks so tall they seem to touch the sky
Creation calls Your name above
Yet in Your mercy and Your love
You came to give Your life that I might live

No other words could discribe how i feel right now.... I Love the amazing-ness of my God, my Love, my Life, my very breath i breathe. He alone is the reason i live and breathe.... it's so amazing. His Love for me and the WAY he loves me.... i can't even put it into words!

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