Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bend, Oregon

So i just got back from another wonderful long weekend in Bend!!! The dates are set, the polls are closed: I'm Moving to Bend the weekend of April 21!!!!

It's been so amazing to watch God work all this out. I'm so overwhelmed with praise and thanksgiving it's crazy. My favorite part is that i can't take credit for anything that happened this weekend. It's all by his love and kindness! I'm in awe. What an awesome God we serve! His plans are good and perfect! I will be working at Red Robin and volunteering at Westside Church in Children's Ministry as much as my schedual allows! And living at the Base of Pilot Butte... so come over and we'll go for a hike!

The picture was taken at sunset in Drake Park... if you come visit i promise to take you there!!! It's my favorite place in Bend. So much of God's creation! I went everyday except yesterday before driving home.

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