Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life with Internet!

Today is a very Happy day for me... yes it's true; I am sitting at my desk, typing on my computer, uploading my photos... with MY INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to me... that's all i'm giving myself... internet.... the connection to the world around me...

i'm not sure i have been missed though... due to the lack of comments... i'm not even sure people read this silly thing....oh welll.... I still love blogging... Funny thoght; my mom is a professional Blogger... she blogs WAY more than me and is always updating pictures, adding slideshows, and linking more blogging friends to her blog. WAY TO GO MOM!!!

Life in Bend Oregon has been AMAZING since i last wrote. God is so so so so faithful. I am LOVING ministry in Oneighty High School. It rocks my tuesdays and sundays!!!! I am super involved in the Connections area... making sure students are not left out on the fringe. It is totally amazing and i am so excited to see 180 grow and be a place High schoolers from around Bend can call family. Last week we had a staff VS Varsity girls Volleyball match/game it was incredible.

Thanksgiving was AMAZING as usual. CRC is defiantly one of my most favorite places ever.

and here are some random fall/winter pics....


girlalex said...

Yay! Glad to see you back in the interwebs, Cassie! And I apologize for the lack of comments from my corner - though I promise comments if you promise posts!

I'll be in Bend from the 18th-31st or so, so if you're around we should hang out! I'm also going to attempt to pick up some shifts at RR, though I'm not sure how that will go (Stef says she has like 35 servers right now??!)


Vicky said...

Hi Cassie,
Yea for having internet! I read your blogs, and I'm with your friend above... you promise to post, and I promise to comment ;) I also really love your mom's blog. I'm praying that your new siblings get to come home soon!
As always, I love hearing about your life and seeing all your pictures!
Love ya,

Claudia said...

hello, i found your page because i am writing a paper for my class and i decided to do it on the organization of the church. I was trying to find the sripture that says until all the nations of the earth have heard and found your page. I love it. Keep up the faith and love for our Lord and Savior. And dont be discouraged, I am sure more people read just dont take the time to leave a comment. Take care and God Bless!!

Carissa said...

Hey Sissy!
your pictures are great! i love you top one of the random fall pics!!! so adorable! love you tons and praying for ou always!
see you son, Caris

Yessica said...

I read your blog... so keep blogging just for me!!!
I AM coming back to Bend when I get home (a week from today actually), and I think I might even work at the Bird for a while- I don't go back to school until the 10th of February! So I guess that means I'm going to be seeing lots of you very very soon!!