Monday, December 31, 2007

Seeing Triple in Bend Oregon!

This weekend my dear-sweet-amazing sisters visited from Lynden for the first time!!! Carissa and Lindsey are two of the most precious people i know! They have these hearts... that are HUGE!!!!

Carissa. Is the older of the 2 by 7 minutes. She speaks Spanish almost fluently and when she returns from Argentina i'm sure she won't remember English =) Her heart has been moved in Compassion for the Latin American culture for years. And when i say moved... i am pretty sure her heart sits in her stomach and aches to see Hope and Freedom come to a people locked up in hopelessness and fear. She came to Red Robin and pretty much just chatted it up with all "the guys". . . i have on idea what they talked about other than the fact that i DON"T speak spanish... but it sure was fun watching her love people through language

Lindsey. Lou- Lou = Soft Heart. She is so sensitive to the things that move the heart of God. This last year has been a whirlwind of growth and challenge for Lindsey, but through it all she Stands firm in Jesus... pressing into what He wants to teach her. Even though she is not going to Argentina for 6 months. Linds also has a HUGE love for the Latino culture... all those years of working in the berry fields have given her an eye for those who seem "hidden" from America, yet help us stand. She also was so fun to watch speaking Spanish with my buddies at the Bird.

Even though it was a SHORT FAST weekend, i am SO glad that they got to be here to experience my life in Bend. They came to Westside, Red Robin, Backporch, Safeway, Jonny Carino's... all my favorite places! And everywhere we went people asked if we were related... "no we just look alike."
it was a lot of fun.

Thanks for visiting sistas... come again soon!


girlalex said...

It was so nice to meet your sisters - even for such a short time! I'm glad you ladies had fun about town!!

Vicky said...

Your sisters are amazing (and so are you!). I hope I get to see them tomorrow (with the rest of the fam), but if not then I am definately going to need to get together with them before April. I love seeing how God directs each of you as you grow up.

Linds <> said...

Cass, you are so precious and I am SO GLAD that we got to come stay with you!!!! You have awesome friends (Karlee, Paige, Heidi, and everyone else... wink wink) I loved it so much!!!! And Westside was so great! Bo is an awesome women of God! I still have yet to tell you about how God touched me @ church.... =)

LOVES.................... Lou Lou <><

Carissa Diacogiannis said...

hey sissy! i had sooooo much fun and definitely want to come in march before i leave for Argentina!!!!!
love you and may God surprise your socks off!!!!!