Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good-bye 2007

Goodbye 2007
Let's start this post by reviewing 2007 and all the great things that happened!

-Confirmation that i was indeed going to move to Bend Oregon
-The Edge had over 100 students on a Wednesday night!!! woot-woot!
-North County Christ the King Annual Kid's Ministry All nighter= 194 kids!
-I gave my notice at NCCTk; i'm moving! So many tears at the staff meeting and with all The Edge students!
-Happy Valentines Day to me; I spent a lot of money on myself, and got a new Car!!!! Oh how i love my 1999 Honda Passport in top-notch condition with only 88,000 miles on it!!!!
-lots of prayer about moving to Bend; main question= timing?
-Visit Bend to find a job and place to live!!!! Red Robin hired me without so much as an interview!
-Came home from Bend and told everyone the news; I'm Moving in A MONTH!
-packing, shopping, packing
-goodbye parties at Church, the Edge and a surprise from Lindsey at home!!!!
-April 20th; the cars loaded(to the max) and we are off to Bend!!!!
-April 21st first weekend at Westside!
-April 23rd Start work at Red Robin
-Emerge Spring retreat!
-Summer at red Robin in full swing!!! crazy business
- Jeremiah, Tim, Matt and Jared come for a visit!
-Adventures with Hood River begin!
Happy Fourth of July!
-CRC with my family!
lots more Hood River Adventures, including but not limited too: falling off a cliff, breaking my foot, being "stuck" in HR for 8 days!
- Coure d' Alene Lake in Idaho with my family!
-home to Lynden for 2days
- my car hits the 100,000 mile mark!
- Gregg comes home for a visit!
-Happy Birthday too me! 22 years young!!!!
-searching for a new place to live!
-loving Bend Oregon all the more
-my first Above the Noise Concert!
-New Roommates and life in apartments!
-Jump into 180 high school ministry
-Start serving at Red Robin
-Happy Thanksgiving! CRC with my family!
-Merry Christmas... home to see the family a week before!

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Anonymous said...

you sure have had an amazing year i love you and hope you have a great 2008