Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a few thoughts....

Yesterday was a day filled with all sorts of thoughts. Some very Happy. and some that just made me mad!.... here are a few i thought i could share with the blogging world.

"Head over Heels in Love"
So in thinking about this statement i began to realize that it is a VERY interesting statement. If i were wearing heels(it's rare, but been done)my head would already be "over my heels"... so what does this mean? If it was "crazy" love you would think it would be "Heels over Head" as if someone were doing a backflip in heels. I have come to the conclusion that it must mean you have your senses about you. You know what this Love is. You are standing (in heels) and you know which way is up and where you want to be and go. I for sure think it has it's moments of backflips, but then you land and you are back to the beginging. HEAD OVER HEELS! I can say for sure i am only head over heels for Jesus. I know what my love means. I know what his cost, and i'm willing to go forward with this relationship. No Matter what! sometimes however... i wish i could do a backflip in heels for him! He sure is AMAZING!

"Did you ever Die?"
This is my shout out to Corey Parnell. Last night at emerge he was talking about endurance and Hoopamonie (it's greek) and was giving an example about someone who can pole vault. He asked if anyone had ever done it.. and i have so up went my hand. Evedently i was the only one in the room who had. Corey turns and looks at me and says, "Cassie you pole vaulted? Did you ever die?" I was laughing so hard! By the fact that i am sittig here writing this blog and was at emerge...Pole Vaulting did NOT steal my life!

"Make sure it's Eberhards 2%"
This was a startling moment for sure. I am house sitting and hanging out with 2 high school girls. Last night as i headedout the door to Safeway for Milk, one of the girls hollered out the door after me, "Make sure it's Eberhards 2%" Upon getting to the Dairy Dept. I was hit with a choice; spend $1.26 more on a gallon of milk just so it's got a green cap and a cartton cow on it, or just save the $1.26 and buy the "general brand". Seriously does it matter? So what did i do? grabbed one gallon of Eberhards and one of "Dairy Glen" and compared the Table of Contents with my dear friend Heidi. GUESS WHAT? THEY have THE EXACT EXACT same thing inside; MILK. All the grams of Fat, Sodiem, Colesteral, Carbs.... exactly the same... all the words i can't spell or pronouse that make up the process it goes throug between udder and Safeway.... exaclty the same! SO WHAT THE HECK IS THE DEAL?????? I bought the "Dairy Glen" Milk and head for home, knowing a volcano would for sure erupt when the girs saw that i had not bought the name brand. Bummer. Sure enough i was right. So here's what i did. Poured milk from the Dairy Glen into one glass and some from the Eberhards into another; time for a taste test. Unfortunatly they wouldn't even taste it. SOOOO it was time for Babysitter Gone Wild; I emptied the last of the Eberhards from the container and poured the whole gallon of Dairy Glen into the empty Eberhards containter!!! Yes. Yes i did. You should have seen the look on "Sally's" Face (name changed)!! Horror. I then returned to the taste testing. I had just taken a sip of milk and 'Sally' asks "Did you stop for Margerita's on your way home? What are you snortting." of course i busted up laughing. Milk went everywhere. Out my nose. Out my mouth. And EVERYWHERE on the floor. In conclusion; Milk is Milk. It does the body good. However it does hurt coming out the nose.

have a GREAT day.

OH and Happy Birthday Carissa and Lindsey; My Best Friends and AMAZING SISTERS!


Carissa Diacogiannis said...

that is stinkin' hilarious!!!
i love you and your randomness, it makes life SO much more exciting!
love you tons, Caris

Lindsey said...

Wow, i love hearing the random thoughts of my AWESOME big sis! it makes me realize that even thought you moved so far away, you are still just as random as when we are together! :) I lub you mi amor! You're the bestest! -Lou <><
(and thanks for the b-day shout out)

Jim & Laurel said...

ok that was stinking funny. And NO milk is not just milk. I've had it right out of the big tank at the dairy. NOW my oldest daughter that is MILK. Oh so cold, oh so good. Makes me want it even more. I've got an idea. Why not do a taste test with store bought milk and MILK from the local dairy. Then let's talk. Love ya girl. Papa

Vicky said...

I LOVED what you said about "Head Over Heals Love". I had NEVER thought about that before... that it means that you have your head on straight and you are thinking clearly. Oh, I am sooo passing that piece of brilliance on!

Yessica said...

um, YES to lunch... and I loved the backproch blog so much. so much.

joann renee said...

Brilliant. The head over heels bit. I've lately been pondering different phrases we say, like "Oh my gosh!" What exactly is a gosh? And why is it so involved in surprising situations? And why do we do stuff "for Pete's sake"? Who is Pete? And why do we care what he thinks?

girlalex said...

Cassie - I love your blog. It's so right on! You posted a post which I believe you took down, but it showed up in my feed anyway. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're being tested with less-than-stellar acquaintances - but at least it's helped you be truer to yourself and what you know is right! xoxo

Oh, and to the commenter above, I think those phrases are derived from the 'less PC' versions of similar phrases.. 'Pete' replaces 'Christ' because some folks don't like using 'the lords name in vain'!