Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl 42-New York Giants

Can i just say i am really really happy that the Giants Won!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows i LOVE football!!! Even more than that i love a GREAT game!!! This years Super Bowl was packed with amazing plays, heart stopping moments, and guts! I have this thing with Underdogs coming in and playing their hearts out!!! Hooray for Eli Manning and the hole team!!!!! Eli sure proved he can play with the big boys!! I'm sorry Tom Brady, but you got worked! The Giants defense was incredible. Major props to the linemen who pushed the limit when it came to attacking the Quarterback! Woot-woot! I will say that Welker sure had sticking power when it came to catching that ball, but sure enough right there were the Giants to push, pull, drag, knock him to the ground! Amazing.

oh and props to the Refs for calling a fair came!

Better luck next time all you Patriot Fans....

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