Monday, February 04, 2008

First Meeting!

There are few words to describe how this video makes me feel... so i will let it do the talking!

This is the first meeting of my Dad and Mom and my 3 new siblings from Ghana; J., Sarah and Rachel!

it's ok to cry... i did.


The Blaske Bunch said...

so glad it all worked out cass....
you will LOVE them, they're really great kids.
Ashlie B
~Accra, Ghana, Africa...

Carissa Diacogiannis said...

Cass...i'm so glad you are going to be here in Lynden to meet them when they get here!!!!! yea! i am so excited for their arrival, it brought tears to my eyes as i watched the video over and over again!
love you so much!


Momto13 said...

Oh I have been desperate for some news! Tears of joy. Thanks so much for posting this and if you get other updates, post those too!
Love and many blessings!

Trisha said...

thats so amazing!!!! Im so excited for you and your family!!!!

farmgirl said...

AWESOME!!! I've been checking momma's blog for this video, so glad I checked yours just incase. Thanks for the "Happy Tears"!

Lindsey said...

Oh, wow.... tears stream down my face un controllably!!! Praise the Jesus for all He has done!!!!! YEA!!! (let me know how i can add this to my blog...) Loves, Linds <><

girlalex said...

I totally cried. I cried at the Obama video I watched this morning though, so I think I'm just really emotional this week.

That's so exciting! Congrats! I want lots of pictures while you're up in Lynden!

Vicky said...

Amazing. I've watched it twice, and will definately come back to watch it again.
I'm so glad this is on video. I'm sure it's a video that all 15 of you will treasure for years and years.
Thanks for sharing Cassie!

K said...

This is what it is all about. Those wonderful kids got their mommy and daddy! Their dream realized! God is faithful and generous and good.
May this moment be one of many more joyous moments to come.
God bless the whole D. family at this most exciting time.

bbqdaisy said...

We are CELEBRATING with you guys!
Maria & Sam

homeschoolingmama said...

God is so GOOD! Look at this family He has brought together!! It's amazing how much He loves us and brings us all together in His perfect ways. I love it. He is obviously the glue that binds your family together, too, and let's praise Him for that, too!

Our love and prayers are with you-
Sue H et al

Barbara said...

Tears of joy here! We were at Beacon House this summer and well remember those children! Jacob played basketball with my 8 year old son, and I have a precious picture of the two of them. Praise God!

Linda said...

Amazing video! Wow! Thankyou for letting us see that - I had a good cry!! I am sooo excited for your family. Praise God!!
Linda N :)

joann renee said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Hooray!

Mia's Mommy said...

Oh wow! I just found your blog off of Anita's link. Yeah, I'm crying! I just showed my husband and he's teared up too! Congratulations!!!!! What a blessing!!!


Ann Dunagan said...

Cassie - awesome job on your blog. Nice changes, music, big pic on the top, and video... nice. nice.

You're FABULOUS girl!!!

I've been thinking about you a lot lately.

And this is something else. Take a look at Joshua Harris's younger brothers. They have a vision called DOHARDTHINGS which you can see at it's awesome what two 18 year olds are doing...and it's inspirational and challenging. I want to do some hard stuff for God. hmmm....

love you.

Katie Scott said...

Um, Cassie seriously I wept. That is incredible!

Anonymous said...

I did get tears amazing that you have it on camera! Your family is in my prayers. Hope to see you soon! Love ya...Trina

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, I have my own blog now! It's
Check it out!

The Blaske Bunch said...

Cassie...LOVE LOVE LOVE that I got to be there to see the "first meeting" God really did work things out in a great way for us all to be standing on the same ground, pushing the enemy WAY back for such a time as this.
I am sitting here SWEATING, in my room with the fan circulating the 85 degree weather...Thankful for what God is doing in Ghana! Blessings my Cass!
Hopefully you will still be in Lynden when we get home with our kiddos so we can all have BIG hugs and watch the kids light up when they see FRIENDS old and make new ones as well!

Vicky said...

I just watched it again... I cried, again. It's an even more incredible moment to witness now that I have met Jacob, Sarah, and Rachel and seen all that God has done since this video was made. Wow!

I posted about our visit last weekend :)