Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Backporch, Oh Backporch

I wish i could paint a picture of this morning in Backporch. Perhaps brown would be the color for the coffee, blue for the sky i see out the window, white for the snow on the ground and the 4* weather outside. Yellow and red would help discribe the conversations i am overhearing and purple could be the color of laughter. There are about 25 people in here this morning; all of whom are sitting in little groups, drinking coffee and chatting about this and that. There is a gentleman and lady sitting directly behind me.They are not talking. He is reading the newspaper, evedant by the "krinkle-krinkle" of the pages turning... and i think she is reading a book. Towards the counter there is a group of 5 "older" ladies probably in their50s and 60s but then again i am not good at guessing ages; They discuss Disneyland(one has never been), skiing, churches, and dogs. The 2 young ladies to my right are friends from church.They are talking about the reality of life, changes and struggles. There are 2 guys sitting at one of the tall tables discussing real estate.

Lauhing. Someone keeps laughing.

I hear the quiet "hmmmmmm" of the coffee machine, the "pshhhhh" of the steam wand and the "WAAAAAANNNNN" of the esspresso grinder. The random clinking of cups and sausers. Oh and the music. Ever so often the music comes into focus and i hear the jazz/indie/ "backporch" music. Right now it's more like a fading noise.

Noise. When i stop listening to the specifics it all becomes Noise. ssshhh pppsss ttsshsssmm hmmm wannna krinkle swish muus ha ha ha ha kolk hmmmm. Just Noise.I love Backporch in the morning. I love the noise and craziness. The frantic seach for a table for 2.

Oh Bachporch.......

An hour later;

The newspaper man and lady have been replaced by 2 ladies drinking the uncommon and small 8oz drinks and talking about "carma". They "older" ladies have been replaced by a younger man in a business suit and his friend in jeans and a North Face jacket... they speak to hushed to hear. My 2 friends have been replaced by a young mother, her baby and possible the grandma. They are talking about life as moms. The guys discussing real estate at the tall table have been replaced by 2 other friends. I can't hear what they are talking about, but they are smiling. The music is more in the background than it has been all morning.

Another hour later;

A friend has joined me. All other conversations and noise is now a backdrop to an amazing conversation. We talk about so much! Single living and the pluses and minuses. Dreams and desires. Churches and "un-churches". Brothers and Sisters. Moms and Dads. Tears. We share our crying stories. Movies. JUNO and PS I LOVE YOU. REality. We talk about real things. deep things. The working of God in our lives and how far we have each come since moving to Bend. We laugh out loud at a very funny video she recieved in an email.

Before either of us realize another hour has passed. I look around and realize that there are now more emtpy tables than taken ones. The "WANNNNN" of the espresso grinder is the loudest noise by far. And the music is... funny? Hard to discribe the music, but i laugh when i hear the song that is playing. Not because of the words, but because of the sound. As i gather up my things to leave i sigh... oh Backporch.

Backporch Oh Backporch; Oh Lavendar lattes.


Eric and Lindsay said...

"Backporch isn't just coffee it's an experience." I just made that up. I think they should put it on their next tshirt.
What a privilege to be linked to the religiously read blogs! Woo!

Evan & Elisa said...

hehe...that video was from me...i am glad you liked it and weren't offended. :)

Carissa Diacogiannis said...

hey! it's so fun reading your about Backporch, cause i know exactly what your talking about! it makes me feel a little bit closer to Bend! yay!
love you and your randomness!

love you, Caris

p.s. yay for Lavender Lattes! =)

Nate B said...

Cassie, good "experience" of Backporch. You have captured it. Makes me wish I was there now!

girlalex said...

you paint a lovely picture! (though, just to be a bit nitpicky, it's spelled "Karma")


Lindsey said...

oh wow i miss that place, that experience as lindsay calls it... (by the way, she spells her name wrong..LOL) and oh, the lavender lattes... i miss those too. and the talks with you, especially. the ones that make us laugh, and cry... I MISS YOU CASS, and I miss Bend, and the oh-so-wonderful people there! Love and hugs, Lou <><

Jim & Laurel said...

oh I think your mistaken my oldest daughter. The Woods in Lynden is much better. Those sounds you hear are the sounds from Woods Coffee on Front street, or at Bender or at Safeway, No it might even be at the new woods down by the water. Oh those great and awesome sounds of the appenings at The Woods Coffee.
Dream on Cassie, dream on.
Love ya Papa :)