Monday, January 07, 2008


ex·cite·ment[ik-sahyt-muhnt]–noun excited state or condition.
2.something that excites.
3.the feeling of lively and cheerful joy; "he could hardly conceal his excitement when she agreed" [syn: exhilaration]

this is me in a moment of excitment:

i'm not sure why this is the word that fascinates me tonight, but it is. I assume some think I can be a fairly overexcited person; however, I love to laugh, to see others laugh, to be HONESTLY surprised and see the amazing, often unexpected blessings God gives us.

So come on people, lets get Excited. God is good. His mercies are NEW every morning and He hasn't forgotten about us!!! His timing is PERFECT, His love is NEVER-Ending, He DANCES over us and meets ALL our needs! What a GREAT God we have, what's NOT to get EXCITED ABOUT?!?!?

Yes i know you are all wondering what i am opening in the picture... but let's have some fun; leave a comment and GUESS!!!

***Mom, Dad, Carissa, Lindsey and other family members who were there... please don't give it away!***


girlalex said...

If you're anything like me, it was some sort of household appliance.. yea?

The Blaske Bunch said...

Cass....I know what it I will not give it away...Hint: Your mom has this pic on her blog...and says something about you being able to make a "family favorite"
Am I right?
I do miss the "Cassie excitment to life " reactions to things...that is for Sure!

Paige said...

i know what it is!!!!

Linds <> said...

i know what it is... hahaha!!
But, seriously, let's get EXCITED FOR JESUS!!!! He brings me JOY and comfort! Keep dancing and lovin' JC more. Love ya seester, Lou <><

Vicky said...

I know, I know!!!! (but I found out the way that "the blaske bunch" did, so I won't give it away either) it's a really good gift!!!!

Melanie said...

I know what it is...because of your mom's, you are so excited, I don't think i've ever seen anyone that excited for a gift like that. pretty awesome! by the way, I LOVE that is the ultimate picture of excitement! Christmas is quite exciting, isn't it? :-)

Grace said...

Hey chica, no idea what you're opening, but it sure looks cool! by the way, i love your photography!