Thursday, January 17, 2008


Snuffleupagus. yup that's what it says. Snuffles, Snuffy, Snuffleupagus. this is my newly dubbed nickname, and i am quite fond of it. Mostly because it's hard to say with out smiling! Oh wait did i just say "hard to say"? weird cause that's how i got the nickname... so here's the story;

I love my last name and over the years i have defiantly enjoyed some funny spellings and pronunciations of it. At track meets, baseball games, college classes, and other random events the was guaranteed to be a laugh from the D family when the announcer got ready to say it! It's a great name. It's quite a name. D-I-A-C-O-G-I-A-N-N-I-S. It's pronounced more like this Dee-yakie-anis, but not so harsh. Well most people have a hard time saying it until they practice. Spelling it is the real test. Diacogiannis. It's easy to me. I've spelled it at least 1,000,000 times in my life and I'm sure there will be many many more; D- as in dog, i- as in ice, a- as in apple moments in my life. When i stepped in to 180 HS ministry Casey(youth Pastor) was determined to not only say it right but spell it as well. After only a little while he had it down, spelling and all. Props to Casey. However for some reason he and a few other staff member continued to call me things like, Asodofolous, Hippopotamus, Deahwhatever etc. It was consistently a different name until one day; i was walking down the YLD staff hallway and someone said, "Hey Snuffleupagus!" and not a few moments later someone else said the same thing!!!! I thought, "hmm thats interesting, the same nickname in a matter of moments." Coincidence? oh no. Casey had found the BEST substitute for Diacogiannis and was determined to make sure it stuck... and it has! I am even linked on a friends blog as "Snuffleupagus".

If you would like to hear more about my amazing name sake and his Sesame Street days.. check out this link(thanks Joann);

It's awesome. Joyness.

bless you in your day,


Vicky said...

I've been able to spell your last name for quite a while. In fact, when I say your last name to people who don't know you, I tend to spell it for them... just so they get the full effect. I think it's the coolest last name EVER. I also remember the time you thought you should marry a Tuiasasopo boy and hyphenate your name. Still makes me laugh. I also always loved going to Safeway with your mom because they're supposed to say, "Have a nice day, Mrs. Diacogiannis" and they always looked positively frightened when they saw her last name.
Snuffleupagus is the perfect nickname!

Lindsey said...

haha... that's funny because when we were there someone said, "hey it's the snuffleupagus twins..." i don't remember who it was. But, i thought it was funny! =) awesome story... I love you sis! -Lou <><

joann renee said...

i found that Wikipedia article highly informative. yes, i realize how much of a nerd that makes me :)

Eric and Lindsay said...

Like I said before, I don't like "snuffy", therefore I stubbornly and defiantly spelled your last name very correctly! (as opposed to just a little correctly of course)