Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekend Joyness!

This weekend I went to Lynden... and if you are reading this and didn't get to see me while i was there... it's cause it was a super quick trip. Sorry.

I took my "adopted" little sis from Bend home to meet the family! Paige and i had quite the adventures. We jumped into Canada... literally. Check out the slide show!

While we were in Lynden North County Christ the King(my old stomping grounds) opened it's NEW Worship Center. It was so amazing to be back not only at my old church, but old job... life... and seeing a HUGE DREAM fulfilled. It was so amazing to be standing in a Miracle. I walked in the door to the new Commons (foyer) and just took a moment and praised the Lord. When i moved, i had no idea i would be able to be at the opening weekend for such an amazing moment!

WE also celebrated Christmas a little bit early. Since i won't be going home for Christmas this year, we opened presents to and from me and Papa and Mama gave us our new ornaments. I'll post those pics soon... my camera battery died... But I got a ton of AWESOME stuff. My kitchen is all tooled up for baking/cooking!!! hooray!

On the way home Paige and i had one last adventure... sliding into a Snow Drift!!!! I have never "spun out" before... so i kinda had a WOW moment... but no tears, screams or anything... we just looked at each other and said, "chains?" We hadn't put them on yet =) Much to our joy a very kind man stopped... and he had a shovel. Who carries a shovel in there truck?? He dug us out, showed me how to work my four wheel drive and then gave us a shove out of the snow!!! We got back on the road and praised the Lord for protection and Safety.... no one was behind us or coming towards us!!!! it was totally amazing!

Christmas is just 7 days away. I hope you have your focus on JESUS, and the JOY of his birth! What an amazing time of year this is!
Joy+lots of it= Joyness!

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Jim & Laurel said...

Love the slideshow!

Better use your chains next time.

Mama :)