Wednesday, May 28, 2008


For reasons not known to myself... my mind seems to come alive at night. I try to go to sleep; really i do. I even watch movies i've seen 100 times to see if i will be bored and drift off to the land of sheep jumping over fences (really who dreams of such things?), but to no avail. I am wide awake. things i find myself doing at 1:17 am;

1. blog hopping. my mom, Bo, Jess, Joann, E&L, sam i am, Jess again, my sister, Ben Edward's, my mom again and whoever else i might stumble across... btw good posting people!!!!

2. take pictures of myself with my icamera.... and for your viewing pleasure:

this is my "why in the world am i awake?" face

this is "oh my it's still in B&W"

3. check my email, just in case someone else on the planet is awake at this hour and has emailed me.

4. check craigslist for a house to rent.... just in case someone woke up and thought perhaps they should post an add before the sun is shining and normal people are awake to read it.

5. yawn. yes i yawn... and for most people that is a sure sign that they are tired and should be in bed. I however am far from normal, so yawning just implies that air needed to be released in a slow and long sort of way.

So there you have it. Me at 1:32 am. wide awake and wondering what you are dreaming about?


joann renee said...

My sympathies, dearie. Not being able to sleep is no fun at all.

Vicky said...

I think it's funny that you checked your mom's blog twice at 1:13 in the morning. Although she is a night-owl, and often posts that late... so maybe you would have lucked out.

Hope you are able to sleep better tonight! Try reading... preferably something really boring (because an adventure-book probably isn't the best idea for encouraging sleep). Small print also helps, and lots of technical-jargon.

Or take Bing Crosby's advice... When you're tired and you can't sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep. And you'll fall asleep counting your ble-ssings.

Okay, I think my comment is long enough here :) Good night Cassie!

Carissa said...

you are sooooo silly!!! i miss you bunches! there are times i feel the same way...well being four hours ahead of all of you doesn´t help either. in the morning i´ll be doin stuff and think of my family, then suddenly remember it´s only like 4 AM back crazy!

love you sissy, Carissa

Eric and Lindsay said...

Reading always helps me fall asleep. I'll be laying in bed, genuinely looking forward to reading a chapter in whatever book I've set my heart on. Two paragraphs in - a page or two if I'm lucky - I'm asleep with the book still in my hands!

Hope you're sleeping better : )

Jami Janelle said...

you make me laugh! I am also guilty of blog hoppin in the wee hours of the night... some nights it puts me to sleep... others, I am not quite so lucky. I hope I get to see you some time this summer. Be blessed sista friend!