Friday, May 23, 2008

a weekend in pictures Part 1

Every photographer loves to perfect the art of self portraits... especially with amazing little siblings!
Josiah and me! what a stud-muffin!
yes i know you already saw this one... but i like it a lot!
 a year ago i would never have guessed i would be blessed with 2 more little sisters!!!!!
Rachel and me
Madison and Hosanna have hung out and been friends for a long time, but this year their friendship has totally become like long lost sisters! They spend almost everyday together!
This year they signed up at different time so ended up on different teams... this is Hosanna catching and Maddie at bat...

yep, their best friends for sure!
softball strong!

Elijah sliding in to home! Oh how i LOVE t-ball!
Elijah, Preston and Jake have been friends since they were tiny guys when all they could do was sit, stare and drool... now they all play t-ball, ride bikes, play legos and do all the other really cool stuff big guys do!


Jim & Laurel said...

Love ... Love ... Love ... all of the pictures!

I need copies!

Always fun to have you home!

mama :)

Vicky said...

Love all the pictures in both posts (and your myspace!) What a beautiful family :)