Monday, June 09, 2008

Scary Story and life update

hey blogging world!
thanks for checking back; my life is in a constant state of transition right now, so blogging is not hot on my to do list. Tonight however, i am awake and unwinding from work so i shall fill you in on life a little bit. I know it has taken me way to long to actually get around to writing out my scariest story and so we shall start with that.

Scary Story
there i was just driving along, enjoying the full moon, worshiping with the ipod, Jesus in my front seat and happily approaching the end of the Mount Hood/Blue Box pass. In the last year i have driven highway 26 approximately 35 times, and many of those times at night, so this time was no different to me. I had just enjoyed a long weekend up in WA with my family and was ready to get back home to Bend.

The occasional semi-truck passed me heading to Portland, but I hadn't seen a car heading east since Sandy and assumed i probably wouldn't for a while. So there i was rocking out to something amazing when all of a sudden my rear-view mirror is filled with the bright lights of a truck. I glanced at my speedometer and realized i was going 60mph and we were still on the S curves on Blue Box. Apparently someone was in a hurry, because they stayed right behind me as i accelerated to hopefully give them some space. However when i was flying around the corners at 70+ mph i realized this was not fun and not safe; who knows what deer, cow, horse, or small rodent was around the next corner! I slowed down a bit as to avoid disaster but not to much as to upset the person in such a hurry behind me. Finally we came to a spot in the road with a passing lane and i gladly gave the trucker room to pass me and head off into the night.... or so i thought.

A few miles had passed and i saw a sign for Warm Springs; a small town that puts a smile on my face and marks the start of my favorite part of the drive; the High Desert! The rocks and canyons that glow orange in the light of a full moon( i told you i've done the drive a few times). All of a sudden the red brake lights of the moments before speeding truck interrupted my thoughts and i wondered why we were slowing down. Was there something in the road? Was he over heating? I inched over to the left lane to see what i could see, and all that i could see was the lights of on coming trucks and cars. Hmmm i thought perhaps something is wrong with the truck. I slowed down and came to a stop about 20 feet behind the truck. My music was still blaring Jeremy Camp's song I Wait For the Lord and i tapped on the stirring wheel hoping the delay wouldn't affect me. I sat there singing along and not really thinking about anything, until the man from the truck jumped out and came towards my car. He started by whacking the hood of my car and shaking his fist as he yelled profanities, he then approached my window. I checked the locks and swallowed hard. I wasn't sure what to do. By this time there was a car behind me and oncoming traffic roaring by. The man from the truck slammed his hand on my window and yelled some more. thankfully my music was loud so the swearing was a little muted, but the words hit me like pebbles piercing a calm lake. What had i done to make him so mad? Why is he yelling at me? What did i do? As he hit the window one more time i felt my body shake and the tears stinging the back of my eyes. He stomped back to his truck and was gone in a flash. I started driving, but my hands were shaking and the tears were flowing. Soon i was sobbing and crying. Between wiping tears and trying to drive i prayed and then cried some more. I grabbed my cell phone, but i was out of range. i knew the closer i got to Warm Springs the closer i got to being able to call my mom. So on i drove, Jesus by my side, tears that wouldn't stop and these words steaming out of my ipod; "this is where i belong in your arms holding tight, this is where i belong when i'm scared..." Not even kidding it was like the Holy Spirit jumped into my ipod that had been set to shuffle and said, play this song! What a blessing and awesome reminder of who was with me the whole time!!!

When i finally had some reception i called my mom; after a failed attempt of her only hearing her sobbing daughter say, "mom? i'm ok, but..." before it cut out i was able to explain to her what happened and how to pray!!! She was very relived when i told that story and that i wasn't in a ditch somewhere in a smashed car.

I made it home safe and sound, was completely exhausted in every way and ended up a little sick for 3 days but i praise the Lord for keeping me safe and for the other cars on the road!

well now that this is long...and its almost midnight; i will write the life update part of this post soon enough... but for now, i have to get up in 6.5 hours.

I love you all, my faithful blog readers. Live for eternity. Seize every moment. Be real. Be Honest. Smile just 'cause and love people well!!!!


Vicky said...

Oh my Cassie! That is so scary! As I read, I was praising God for the cars coming up behind you and the cars passing on the other side. Not a car for miles, and suddenly they're all over the place? Um yeah, that'd be God :)

I'm glad you're okay. I can't even comprehend what would make someone do what he did... But your God is bigger and stronger than any angry trucker!

Ann Dunagan said...

Hi Cassie!

I just wanted to let you know that I started blogging...

Come "visit" sometime.
love you!

Ann Dunagan said...

Hey Cassie, after reading Bo's reference to your blog, I came back to re-read this particular post . . . slowly . . . so I could comment on it. And oh my!

I didn't know anything could be more frightening than falling off the pocket; but this situation was definitely worse. What a scary situation you went through. I praise God He kept you safe and protected from that mean man. Yikes!!! And yes, Jesus is with you.