Wednesday, August 06, 2008

thoughts from the road.

I like to drive. It just one of those random facts about who i am. I also happen to drive a lot. I bought my lovely Honda Passport on February 14th 2007(happy valentines day to me!) and it had approx. 89,000 miles on it. Today it has over 117,500... that's over 28,000 miles in about a year and a half! most of those mile spent by myself!!! I love long road trips, i love short-ish road trips, i like to drive. I like to think, laugh, listen, pray, dance, and sing while i drive. Yes, i did say dance. Ask Heidi... i can bust some rad moves while driving. I also like seeing things that make me laugh out loud, even though no one is around to hear it. for example but not limited to:

1. road names such as: Tweed Rd. Sagebrush Way. Bodacious Drive. and of course all the Market roads in Bend.

2. a cow. one, not two, not three. One random cow on the mountain pass.

3. motorcyclist with a helmet, but no face shield... I imagine small insects flying at your face at 55mph would not feel so good.

4. better yet, motorcyclist wearing a helmet, but a tank top and ripped jeans. Yes, his head will be saved, however the rest of his body will be shredded to pieces, if he happened into a wreck.

5. girl in bikini on the side of the road... standing on a snow bank attempting pictures under a waterfall. Can anyone say Hypothermia?

and last but not least

#6. woman standing on the side of the road wearing a sparkling(think tap dancing) hat, black t-shirt with an open back, holding a cardboard sign that says this, "$179,000 Waller Road." Did i mention that the lettering was glitter-paint? I'm not sure if she was trying to sell the road or house on the road..... hmmm not sure.

I also have become a fan of photography-while driving. It's a new art. The key is to keep watching where you are driving and just point the camera in the direction of the object you desire to capture and see what happens for example:

the small print says, "not a swear word."

ok so it's to small to read, but we've all seen the signs, "DEER"
and in small print "NEXT 3 MILES"
Will someone please explain to me how the deer instinctively know not to go further than 3 miles down this stretch of highway for fear of losing their life? Because for some reason, i don't see Bambi and his mom having this conversation;

Bambi, "Hey mom, can me and thumper go play chicken with those roaring, colorful, rather fast moving animals?"
Mama Dow, "Ok Babmi, you can go explore the wild and exciting road, where the automobiles play, but only within these 3 miles, because this is where they know and have been informed that we are. So beyond the 3 mile mark, they won't be thinking or looking out for us there. Please be careful. But have fun!"

Road Trip anyone?


Anonymous said...

The sign is erected to cover all the deer's natural travel patterns, not the other way around. It's not like the sign goes up and then a memo is sent out to the deer asking them to stay in that corridor.

Or were you joking?

Ann Dunagan said...

Beautiful pics Cassie! (And I'm amazed you can take those without looking. But be careful! I've heard that Washington has a pretty hefty fine for "driving distracted.") I'm pretty sure that Monday, August 11th would work with us, if you happen to drive this way. I'd love to see you!

Cassie said...

joking people. joking.

Elyxis said...

I totally saw that sign that said $179,00 Waller! We were driving home yesterday and i couldnt figure out what she was trying to sell? it probably was a house though... in any case it was for sure strange looking :)

Laurel said...

Cute post!

So, who is "anonymous", with absolutely no sense of humor? Whatever ... I think it is a great addition to the Bambi story. "Bambi in 2008."

Also ... nice pics ... but, be safe. Thanks Ann, for adding another "mom voice" to Cassie's life.

Mama :)

Laurel said...

Wow you have talking animals also. That is so amazing! I only thought we had them up hear in Washington by Mr. Baker. We should try to see if we could capture the ones in Oregon and see if we can introduce them to the talking animals up here. Let me know if we can catch any of the Oregon one and I'll arrange a meeting. I've had several conversations with the wild animals up here. And they don't say with in the three miles as the sign says.

Carissa said...

Hey Sissy!!! i miss you sooo much!
when i get home we´ll have to go on a trip together!!!
miss you, love you and i´m praying for you!


heidi said...

i think this might a good time to tell you that the lady in the glitter-hat was trying to sell MY house on waller. . i found out the same time you did.

anyway, i don't like that you take pics while driving. sounds as safe as half naked girls taking myspace pictures with waterfalls on the side of the road.