Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy October... it's snowing.

That's basically all i wanted to say, but i think in order for this to be a real blog post i have to actually write something semi-intelligent.

today i have been listing my thoughts in ABC order, so we'll go with that and see what happens.

A. I have 3 brothers here in Bend for the weekend! Hooray for Gregg dating Heidi and Josiah and Elijah tagging along for some fun!!!!

B. It really was snowing for a while tonight. I was really pouty about it. Don't get me wrong i love snow, but not in October. This could be a long winter.

C. I have a new job! Hooray!!! God totally blessed me with a nanny job. My mom's new website says i am a professional nanny... which made me smile! Seven is 5months old; He and i had lots of fun adventures our first week together. We went for walks, swang on the porch swing watching the sunset, took naps, and laughed a lot. He is in that stage were the drool is a constant drip... so the cuffs on my sleeves were rather wet =) I'll keep you updated as Seven and i go on adventures through growing up.... hanging out with a 5 month old is giving me great perspective on life/being a mom/being a baby/growing up.

D. Red Robin and i are still friends... don't worry i haven't peaced out on the dirty bird yet!!!

E. Emerge is rad. Corey Parnell can preach. The series we started tonight has a long title: How I Learned to Let Go and Stop being such a Control Freak. And if tonights message was just #1.. it's going to be a great series.

F. I'm praying about taking a trip. It's been over 2 years since i went overseas and the ache in my heart grows everyday. My AMAZING brother Jeremiah, who by the way is learning Arabic, is 21, handsome, single, amazing, smart, funny, gifted, nice, crazy and did i mention he loves Jesus. Oh. he loves Jesus. ---no that was not an add for a future wife, i just wanted you to know what i think of my brother.---anyways, he lives in the middle east and is doing AMAZING things to dispel the kingdom of darkness, and bring LIGHT and LIFE to a hurting culture. Mostly i want to go visit him, but i also want to see what God is up to in the middle east.

G. i miss my sisters. the 3 oldest Greek princesses are all on different Continents!!! and the little 3 live 450 miles to far from me.

H. why is it snowing?


Vicky said...

A. Definitely Hooray for Gregg dating Heidi :)

B. I already left my comment on this topic on your facebook.

C. AWESOME! I love babies! :) I'm looking forward to the stories.

D. Still friends like they still pay you to come? Or still friends like you still hang out there and now you pay them to feed you?

E. That sermon title is sorta the story of my life. Any chance I could find it online?

F. Go for it! Also, that was TOTALLY an ad for a future wife. But that's okay because it was all true :)

G. I miss all 6 of you. But I will get to see 5 of you in a month and a half. (And I console myself with the fact that Lindsey gets to be in my favorite foreign country)

H. Well, you see... water evaporates from the earth. It then falls back to the earth as some form of precipitation. If it is cold enough, that precipitation freezes a bit and we call that snow. ;)

Have fun with the brothers!!!

Lindsey said...

I miss you too!! And if you come to this side of the world, you should try to come visit me too! :)


joann renee said...

i'm jealous of your snow.

Jeremiah said...

a)totally an ad for my future wife, but I don't mind too much.... ;)

b) yes, snow in Oct IS crazy...esp when it is still 80-90* every day here

c) would you hurry up and come visit me!?!?!?? :)

Laurel said...

CUTE post!

Glad you had fun with the little bros. this weekend. It was REALLY weird having them gone; because usually when they are gone, I am gone.

By the way, I think snow in October is way cool! I LOVE snow.

Love ya,

mama :)

Laurel said...

Oh yea ... by the way ...

... your brother doesn't need an ad for his future wife, he needs to focus on his Arabic Language school right now, and his ministry. (Isn't this what all good mom's should say right now?)

... i'd LOVE to take a trip with you to the Middle East, but then you wouldn't be home to take care of the little ones while I'm gone.


Carissa said...

Cass...i love reading your blog, because i picture you sitting in your room in front of the computer with your glasses on, because it´s most likely late at night when you write them. and i can hear your voice in every word!

love you tons! see you soon, for real!