Friday, May 15, 2009

hanging out with kiddos

Recently the most common thing in my life come in sizes 2T and smaller...
These are just some shots from my phone that i have been collecting.

My littlest roommante Brie is just as precious as the day she was born...

this is Claire...we hangout a lot.
We go to the Boat Park...

and we build block towers that are as tall as me... which i know is not that tall, but compared
to a little 2.5 year old... it's a pretty big deal:

**sorry if the quality is not up to par, these were all taken on my phone and do not accurately reflect my photography skills.***

1 comment:

Vicky said...

That tower is incredibly awesome! Particularly if you built it with a toddler, as they usually take great delight in knocking towers over before they get very tall.

I love your opening sentence, and I love when 2T and smaller is the theme of my week, too :)