Saturday, June 20, 2009

i love you papa.

when you have a dad as great as mine it's hard to find the
right words on Father's Day to express what you want to say.
a tie would not do it justice.
neither would a gift certificate to play golf.
not even a card with sports objects and super creative wording would work.
Perhaps a surprise trip to a Nascar Race, but that's been done.
A mug that says #1 Dad would only look like every other kid's gift.
One time i drew a picture for my dad and cut out pieces of fabric for the clothes.
One time i gave him a cool t-shirt.
Candles are great for mom's but not so much for a dad, especially when he has allergies.
Perhaps i could get him an autographed picture of his hero... too bad he's dead.
Although my dad loves to read, i'm not sure a book would be special enough.
if i was rich i would buy him a new car or something fancy.
if i was 6 i would paint him the best picture ever.
if i was famous and had connections i would get him great seats to a great show.
if i could write a poem i would make sure it could make him tear up.
if i didn't have to work i would drive up to see him.
if he lived in Bend i would take him to my new favorite spot.
because i am poor, and live too far away,
because his tie collection is larger than my shoe collection,
because he has more mugs than we can count,
because his t-shirt drawer is too full,
because he has allergies and candles are for girls,
because his hero is dead,
because i'm not rish or famous,
because he's already been surprised with a trip to a Nascar Race,
because he doesn't even play golf,
because i am not a poet,
because i have to work and it's an 8.5 hour drive,
the best thing i can give my dad on father's day is my Facebook status:
"my dad is better than your dad. your dad doesn't have 13 kids. booyah!"
i love you papa.


Carissa said...

that's a great gift right there!!!
you're so creative Cass!

yes, we have a great dad! wouldn't want to trade him for the world

Laurel said...

GREAT gift!

Guess I picked a pretty good papa for all of you, didn't I?

mama :)

kori bates said...

Oh my gosh, that was great and made me laugh!