Saturday, January 05, 2013


13. it's supposed to be an "unlucky" number. not really sure why or who started that silliness, but i do know this: 2013 is going to be my favorite year yet... or at least close to it.

13 ingredients to make sure 2013 is top notch:

- Wesley Dean Goossen, you are due to make your arrival any day now and i am eagerly anticipating all the things that come with being your mom. i can't wait. you already have a nickname and i don't think it's going anywhere wes. i'm so curious about all the things you will bring into my heart and life that i haven't expected or imagined and i'm excited to share adventures with you as you grow and learn.

- take a risk or two; live in a place where faith beyond what you know makes each breath more wonderful and each step more free.

- love like i mean it. beyond what is safe. beyond what is comfortable. more than i've given, more than i've got. why hold back in love?  to love relentlessly has got to be better than to never have loved and always wonder it's joy.

- restore. take something that is broken and make it new. better. not a better version of what it once was, completely re-done for something greater than it's originally thought purpose and goal.

- awaken hope. find the embers in the closed up places and hearts and start a fire that cannot be stopped.

- sing in front of people again. it's only been 7 years.

- don't let fear hold me back. it's not worth it. ever.

- be a wife to love. i married for love and am so glad i did. i married a man worth more than i know and more precious to me than any other person the least i could do is be a wife worth loving. serve his heart. look for secret ways to make him come alive. search out the desires in his heart. believe in his dreams. sit in the front row when he preaches. affirm what an incredible leader he is. be a wife that is no burden to love.

- be teachable. i don't know it all. i don't have it figured out. i want to always be learning more than i'm teaching in order that i won't come to a place where i think i have more to offer than people want to hear.

- be soft. not to touch, but in my continence; be approachable and kind.

- go to a different country. it's been too long. take in a culture and embrace a people.

- write a letter to a friend far away. on paper. in the mail. with a stamp.

-  take in each moment with as much joy as a child on Christmas morning... eagerly anticipating what's under the wrapping, not worrying about if it was on the "wish list", but just thankful it was there waiting to be unwrapped.

cheers 2013. cheers to you. 

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