Monday, January 22, 2007

If i were a butterfly

If I were a butterfly... i'd tell everyone of the amazing God who transformed me from a silly, wiggley caterpillar into an amazing, beautiful, fly-able, smiley butterfly.

That was my random thought for the moment! yahoo for random thoughts.

This weekend was so crazy and strange! let's start at thursday night since that is when my weekend starts.... I went to Bible study at the Loys, like i normally do on thursday nights... but on this very cold January night something strange happened on my way there. I was driving along approaching North Shore Drive and all of a sudden my radio starts freaking out! It was turning off and on and off and on... and then all my lights went dim.....NOT off, just barely on! I, being the car savey person i am(yea right!) figured something must be wrong! =) I decided that after Bible Study i would have my friend matt check it out and see what was up. So there i am starting my car after a wonderful message about listening to God, and my car seems to run fine... oh and did i mention that the whole wat there it was making a noise.... weird! well no noise. very weird. so matt and i drive it around and determine he better look under the hood. So we go back to the Loy's road and turn off the car... bad idea... after determining nothing seemed to be wrong with the battery, it wouldn't start! Matt did decide to make a guess that it was the altornator.... now i'm not exactly sure what that does, but it sounds important... and being that my car wasn't starting... yea....

so matt ends up driving me to Lynden and we figure i'll call the tow truck tomorrow... LONG story short... after 2 trips out to the car (45 minutes from home) and back, one lost tow truck driver, a "non existant" road... and waiting and waiting... i was pooped! all in all it was a 6 hour ordeal i was not planning for my day off! i ended up in bed at 2 am after a very interesting, character building evening... BTW: the Lord hears your voice no matter how loud you yell... .the yelling does in fact help you sometimes hear yourself! God in His awesomeness loved me through it and showed me waht i needed to learn... and to Him be the glory for loving me enough to not leave me where he found me.... but always bringing me more wisdom and understanding....even when it doesn't make a lot of sense!

Saturday made up for it all! I spent the morning shopping with my amazing "sister" Jen Ren. and then had lunch, and spent the next 3 hours making a quilt. That's right a quilt. The thing old grammas make... i'm not an old gramma.... it's just something i enjoy! it's a really neato quilt, and i'll post a pic as soon as i take one of it!

But for now... that's a butterfly, and a glimse into the random... and sometimes not so random mind of miss cassie.
be filled with Jesus's really cool!

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