Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More New Orleans Pics and Stories!

The Diacogiannis Family... minus mom and dad!

Bryson plays with Hosanna's Hair

Extremem Musical Chairs

Cafe Du Monde

The Diacogiannis Family Photo 2006- Ok minus mom and dad, but all 10 kids in one place! That’s pretty awesome….. and WAY to much fun. I so enjoyed my time with my brothers who have migrated to the east coast! Here are Names and ages from left to right and back across… Jeremiah 20, Lindsey 17, Carissa 17, Hosanna Joy 10(on ladder), ME! 21, Elijah 4, Gregg 22, Josiah 6, Joshua 16, Ben 13! Yea for amazing families blessed by God… I could ask for a better “life” gift than my family!

Bryson Plays with Hosanna’s Hair! – this is defiantly one of my favorite moments of the children’s ministry we did! I actually didn’t even know it had happened until I saw the picture! No matter where Hosanna was sitting, Bryson would move behind her and play with her hair. It was apparently so cute!

Extreme Musical chairs- On the first day I broke out the extreme musical chair tournament…. Each team played against themselves and then when there were only two people left they all played against each other. It made for a lot of laughs and rock, paper, scissors as the tiebreaker. Overall the children’s ministry was amazing. I had a great time with those kids, and was so blessed when 22 decided to pray and receive Christ as their Savior! PaRtY in Heaven! It was also great to know we didn’t leave those kids in the dark, they had a church right there with open arms to invite them in….

CafĂ© du Monde- Was the coffee place I visited 6 times in 13 days! It was great! They serve Black coffee, with steamed milk and a “herb” called chickaree(sp?). It was amazing! And the Beignets (French donuts) were also amazing… completely not healthy, but very tasty! So this is my artsy photo of the Coffee and Beignets!

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kat said...

PARTY in heaven indeed!!! Oh i love you and your fam so much and i am so excited that you and i finally got to be together again!! So glad you had a fantastic time but also so excited to have you home!! Love you to the stars!!!