Friday, May 18, 2007

Life in Bend Oregon... Part 2!

Hey Hey...
Here I am again writing on my blog. I must say i am getting good at keeping things updated! yay me! So let's recap since last time i wrote:

ATF-Aquire The Fire was AMAZING! It successfully broke my heart more for the youth of america, specifically the Northwest. My heart sank when i only saw about 3,500 young people in the Tacoma Dome, and when the ATF staff said it was the smallest conference of the 2007 Tour(west or east coast) I wanted to drive around Tacoma and pick up random youth off the street and bring them in to experiance a God who loves them and has amazing plans for them!!! My heart longs to see thousands of young people passionatly holding on to the Word of God and really walking out their faith, not because it is a fad, not because Chirstians Bands are cool, or because their friends are doing it....but simply and purely because they BELIEVE in a life of purpose and a life of more... more passion, more love, more grace... let's just throw John 10:10 out there!

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After ATF, i got back and down to business... Red Robin Bend will never be the same!!! (insert "evil" laugh) There are so many hurting and lost souls at that Bird place!!! Both that work there and that frequant RR way to often! I am determained! To overflow the love of Jesus, on everyone there... no matter how many times a server "yells" at me that some thing is messed up and it's my matter how bad tips matter what NASTY comments people make that make me want to duct tape their mouth shut... I AM DETERMINED TO LET THE LOVE OF JESUS LOOSE IN THAT CRAZY PLACE!!!!! I will say this: i love working there and there are amazing people who LOVE LOVE LOVE Jesus who work there so props to them!

Westside Church is still rockin my world. I am attending emerge on thursday's like the young adult community of Westside, and it's really SWEEET! I had the amazing oppertunity to go to the emerge Spring Retreat at Breakaway Lodge on the Oregon Coast last weekend!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR RETREATS!!! I really was able to put faces to names and feel more connected to the Jesus lovin' Young adults. And my oh my did God show up!!! WoW!!! Basically here is what sums up the messages : If you want to know WHO YOU ARE, then find out WHO HE IS, and who HE HOLY(aka set apart)!!! We also had amazing times of "singing worship" that lasted late into the night.... oh oh and ULTIMATE FRISBEE on the beach!!! here are a couple pics to make you smile and think about what a great time i had =) me and my camera took about 200 pics in 2 days!

So this is Chase and yea...neither caught it =)
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And this is one of the AMAZING, INCEDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, AWE_INSPIRING Sunsets that we got to witness. I like to say the God painted me a picture...and when i think of it like that I think of how much he loves me. and that blows my mind! His love is amazing, it changes me and makes me want to love like him!
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Welp folks; thanks for reading! I'd really love to hear what God is doing in your life, no matter where you are, who you are, what color socks you where, and if you like the color purple! The Word of our testimony will change things. Let God use your life to change things! Be a blessing. Shine your Light. kiss the feet of Jesus in thanksgiving!


Carissa said...

awesome pictures!
i love you lots! and hope to see you soon!

Lindsey said...

Awesome possum, Cass! I love ya and miss you tons! Keep lovin' God and lovin' others! You are amazing!!! Your little sis, Lou <><