Friday, July 06, 2007

African Siblings!

These are the 4 precious children that God has placed in our lives! My parents are AMAZING and are in the process of adopting Victor(12), Lydia(10), Rachel(10) and Sarah(6 ?) from West Africa! WE are all thrilled and so excited to see how this all happens! Our prayer is that our new brother and sisters will be here by Thanksgiving! Please be in prayer that the process is not drawn out longer than it should. Victor, Rachel and Sarah are siblings and Lydia is getting 13 in one package deal! how awesome is that?!?!?!? Yes my parents already have birthed and are raising 10 AMAZING children for the Lord, but these precious ones would be a gift from the Lord for our family. We don't divide Love at our house we multiply it!

i'll keep you all updated on how things are going! Life here in Bend is wonderful! Hot, but wonderful! God's never ending kindness is incredible!

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girlalex said...

OMGosh Cassie they're adorable! That's so exciting! I hope you do get to go over to facilitate the process, you'll have to eat lots of thiebujan for me if you do. Amazing!

Ug. I will see you at work tomorrow..