Friday, July 20, 2007

Life is Happening...God is good.

Hmm... It seems that it has been a while since i last wrote... very interesting.

Life in Bend is wonderful... let's assume that unless i post with tears and gnashing of teeth that Cassie is LOVING life in Bend Oregon and is so enjoying this adventure with God... putting the puzzle of life together! Way awesome...that's all i have to say on that note!

Work is going great. I am loving "The Dirty Bird" more and more. =) I work with a great group of fun upbeat people, and lots that go to my church! woot-woot! If you are an eater who treats your tastebuds to Red Robin, but sometimes get in a rut and only order "that one thing that I always get"... let me challenge you to eat outside the box next time you treat your tastebuds to RR... the menu really is full of wonder and awe... and silly side comments about the menu check it out and be amazed!

Happy Birthday America!!! I realized that i didn't ever mention that i had an AMAZING 4th of July in Hood River Oregon with some family friends who let me be apart of their family fun! I was in a parade( yay Hood River), went to a GREAT church BBQ and outreach, heard some amazing music(, worshiped the LORD AND of course watched the fireworks! Enjoy the pics!

I had a vacation!!! gasp and rejoice-- that's what i did! I went "home" to Lynden for a few days! Things that make the Diacogiannis home AMAZING:
-Papa D's waffles...with strawberries!
-snuggling with the next avalible little D brother or sister!
-sleeping in until you smell the waffles...
-playing every card game invented;
~BLINK ~ Uno ~ War ~ Go Fish ~ Nertz ~ Hand and Foot
-laughing so hard you cry... at the dinner table...
-having the most RANDOM disscussions at the dinner table =)
-taking walks around Lynden
-EXPERIANCING THE LOVE OF CHRIST IN A FAMILY WHO NO MATTER WHAT LOVES YOU... even if we get in "fights" which actually doesn't happen too much!

I also went to a wedding, went to Woods Coffee 900 times, visited my old church (yay NCCTK phase #1 done!), and got to catch up with lots of amazing friends!

This is me and Hosanna(lil sis) Dancing to "Fly Me to the Moon" at our friends wedding!

Welp, that about recaps my life in July so far.... blessings as you seek HIS will for your life!


Vicky said...

Hey, playing a million card games with ya'll was always one of my favorite things about your house too :) Not to mention eating incredible meals...

Leen said...

hey! fun pics- i love finding people i know online and reading about their lives!
i'm sure i'll see you in person again sometime soon
God BLess