Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hosanna Joy Diacogiannis

I just got off the phone with this amazing 11 yr old! If you haven't had the pleasure of having a conversation with this amazing girl, you are missing out!!! She is such a special chic! I can't imagine life without her, and wouldn't trade her for the stars! She is a little firecracker... and i'm so blessed that she is in my life to keep me humble, girly, and goofy! She's even a september baby....which makes her extra special.... when i turned 11 it was the best gift God could give me.... a little sis.... a roomate... a friend. I love her to the birds and back plus million and two. She is so funny. I wish everyone could know her and experiance the Joy of the Lord in this amazing 11 year old! I love how honest she is. She can pretend to be shy when you first meet her, but after 20 minutes she will be joking around, giving you a nickname, changing your age, and career path; for example my friend Heidi is now 35 and going to be president! Hosanna has a servants heart, a worshipers voice and a mind that seeks to know more about God and the big world she lives in. I pray God's protection and blessings on her always. 

"here's to looking at you.....(hosanna joy)" 


Lindsey said...

i love how she wants to arrange everyone's lives and pick there career paths! and how she has her life all figured out! Our little Ho-ho!

LMD <><

Vicky said...

She is amazing! What a precious gift God gave each of us in Hosanna!

I finally posted about my latest Diacogiannis Road Trip (you'll have to scroll down).

The choosing everyone's career path... yeah that totally happened on our roadtrip. You will each be serving in a family-run orphanage in Africa. We chose a job for each of you that related to your gifts. It was awesome. I'm sure your parents will be thrilled to have you ALL in one place, and they get to be the grandparents of the orphanage.

She is awesome! I can't wait to see how God cotinues to use her!

The Benners said...

I love Hosanna too!! Yesterday after church, I came home and ranted and raved to Aaron about Hosanna and Madison!! Such a HUGE blessing to have both of them in the toddler nursery helping me, They were both so attentive to the little kids and honestly cared about my life and what was going on with our adoption. Big stuff for 11 year olds!!! You got it right Cassie...she is a gem!!!!