Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a day with billy.

...and by billy i mean Lake Billy Chinook!
this is me:

this is Ashley:this is Jessie:this is Casey:
this is Eric (aka Master of the wake.)
this is crazy 1, 2 &3:
and that was our awesome (hot) day on water.


Ann Dunagan said...

I'm missing you Cassie.
These photos look fun, but I'm wondering what's going on these days???

Also, I just posted an article by your momma on the Christian Post.

It's called "Raising up Missionaries" and if you want to comment on it, or to simply read it, here's the link:


Laurel said...

Looks like fun!

mama :)

Jenna said...

Ummm....so not only am I completely jealous...but as I sit here freezing, I am ACHING for a nice day with Billy, my beloved friends and a boat. If only. Love you loads.

Ben said...

dude those are sick! i like them all