Sunday, August 02, 2009

weekend in WA

i have a friend.
her name is taylor.
she's real great.
so great in fact that she "ditched" her husband for a few days and went to Washington with me!
thanks t.
you're the best.

we went to a track meet and watched my little siblings be amazing...
we went for walks....
i introduced tay to the glory that is doing devos at Woods Coffee....
we went to a Canadian beach, and by beach i mean the tide was out...
it was real great.
it was real neat.
i really love road trips.
i really love my family.
i really love that taylor came and experienced both with me!


Laurel said...

Fun Post!

You forgot the way cool ferry ride to the super cool island.

:) :) :)

Jesse and Taylor said...

HAHAHA I had never seen this!!! love you dearly my friend!!!