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April 24th, 965BC 3:26pm; David built an altar there to the Lord and sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings. And the Lord answered his prayer for the land, and the plague on Israel was stopped.(2 Sam. 24:25)And then King David sat down for a late lunch. It was a good day for the King of Judah. He had taken a walk in the sunrise and laughed with his son Solomon as he told him about the old times in Bethlehem. After lunch he plans to play the harp for a while before a feast with his daughters later in the evening.

December 25, 1995; Jennifer Aniston was listed
"People Weekly"s "Most Intriguing People".... After which she celebrated with the cast of 'Friends' and drank a glass of champagne at midnight. It had been a wonderful Christmas surprise and something she would remember forever.

February 27. 2007;
Britney Spears has entered rehab, the singer's manager Larry Rudolph, confirms to PEOPLE. Upon entering rehab Britney sat by herself and wondered how her life had turned into such a mess. She determined in her heart to make it right, at least for the sake of her kids. She made up her mind that she would rise again and be the "Princess of Pop" music once again.... although she wasn't certain she could ever overcome all the black spots on her now tainted reputation.

September 16, 2009 3:26pm; Cassie Diacogiannis sat down to write a blog about assumptions.

**Please note that the above statements in ITALICS are my own thoughts and assumptions on each story. Statements in BOLD are facts.**

It's really easy to look at King David and say, "yeah, He's the man after God's own heart." or "He messed up big time, but must have done something right because look at what God did through him." However without seeing the day to day of his life we can't really know what it was that made him that man, we get glimpses of the hard times, difficulties and pain of his life. We get only glimpses of the Joy, Fun and good times i'm sure he had.

Jennifer Aniston has graced the cover of PEOPLE magazine and US weekly more times than most celebrities. She is one of the wealthiest people alive and one of the highest paid actresses EVER! US weekly and PEOPLE cannot possibly be there every moment of Jen's life. Yet many times i have based my view of her based solely on what i saw on the cover of the Tabloids at Safeway's check stand. "poor Jen. Brad's a jerk. " or "look at Jen's great new hair." or "really? Jen's dating John Meyer.... again?" or even, "man, life as Jennifer Aniston must be pretty great." No matter how hard TMZ tries to be in her backyard or trunk of her car, they don't have Jens' life nailed down or penned out perfectly. No matter how many time VOGE interview's her and i read it, i will never know her life. I will never understand what makes Jen "Jen".

Britney Spears. "Oops she did it again" became so much more than a lyric from her song. It became the tagline after her name when her life started spiraling out of control in front of our eyes on E!'s THS special. But now. 2009, look at her, she has a tour, a rocking body, a new hit, and 2 precious boys that love her. She has arrived. The attitude seems to be "who cares what happened in the last 2 years she figured it out and NOW, now she's ok." I'd like to pose the thought that deep down inside Britney is still a 16 year old girl wondering how her life got to out of control.

Me! I 'just' live, eat and breath in Bend Oregon. Every once in a while i will write a blog that makes sense, sometime i let my emotions get the best of me and that spills out too. I roll out of bed everyday at the same time (6:29am) i head off to the same "normal" job, and come home to the same editing program. Wednesday nights are spent at 180. My life is pretty "normal". If you look at my life through the lens of this blog, you would most likely see a girl with a camera, who sometimes writes deep things, and she seems to wear herself on her sleeve. She doesn't seem to be afraid to tell us if she laughed or cried or what she didn't eat for breakfast. If you look at my day to day life it might not seem all that exciting.

I don't wake up to a fancy steam room and hair dresser to get me ready for the day. I don't drive the coolest car. I don't live on the top of a hill with a view. I also don't feed 300 starving kids a week in one of the poorest parts of the World. I don't wear Chacos and hope to avoid a snake bite. I don't catch a Rickshaw to go to the market. I don't preach to thousands of souls caught in bondage.

Just because i serve in 180 does not denote more blessing on my life. Just because i've never been drunk or driven drunk does not guarantee me God's protection in my car. I believe un-saved people are saved by the hand of God without being "in a place" to receive that blessing. I believe un-saved people have experienced the presence of Jesus while "walking in sin".

My life is blessed not because i am a Pastor's kid or because i live a "normal" life. My life is not blessed because i have found a way to position myself for an out pouring of riches. My life is blessed because i choose to surrender what i have to the will of God. I choose to walk in obedience to his Word, and strive to please him. I can't quantify God's blessing; i can't create an equation that states how to come into that blessing. I can't position my self on the right church bench to receive that blessing. I can walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit. I can trust who God says he is and believe that in trusting and walking in faith i will experience his blessing.

I don't look at my life and wish things were different. Recently i wrote a post about things i want. It seems that only 2 things stood out to people who read it; the fact that i am not married. and the fact that i am not on the mission field. This was a sad realization that my life is seen as missing something. YES, these are 2 great desires of my heart, but please do not think that one desire hinges on the other!! Please do not think that my life is not FULL, wonderful, AMAZING, BLESSED, fantastic because i am 24 and those things are not in place.

I will GO when God releases me to GO.

I will get married when the timing is unlocked and the timing of God collides with the time line we live in.

In the meantime, i will continue to post pictures, stories, verses and silliness for you to enjoy or ponder. I will continue to wake up too early and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the job i have. I will continue to see this generation RISE UP in 180 and central Oregon. I will continue to fight my battle with worry and anxiousness about my life. I will continue to EXPERIENCE Jesus ALIVE in my life. I will continue to walk BLESSED and COVERED in God's love.

I refuse to think "lucy" doesn't like me because she hasn't txted me this week. Perhaps she is on a mountain or dropped her phone in coffee. I don't base my assumption of Taylor's love for Jesse on how she made dinner for him the other day. I trust that she knows him and therefore loves him... even though i don't see the ins and outs of that love. It's wrong of me to assume someone's life is marked by what is on their blog alone. I can't judge someone's character based on their Facebook status. I refuse to assume that King David, Jen & Britney's life can be summed up in the words we read about them. I choose to believe in the day to day, moments unseen by camera or scribe there is/was the life of someone who has a real heart, real needs and real thoughts.

The best way to judge someone's life is to live with them, listen to their life story (in full) or ask those who know or see those to things. Let's not base assumptions of people's life based on snip -ts we get here and there. Let's not look at a life marked by "hardship" as less of a blessing or less blessed than a life "marked" by joy. Every life has trails and joys, it's how you let them define you in that season that will shape you for the rest of your life.

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Jesse and Taylor said...

Thanks for making me cry. Your love, and beautiful outlook on life is incredible. I love you to pieces my dear friend!!!

Way to capture and love Jesus, in ALL that he has for you even if it isn't exactly how "you saw life going"

God is faithful and good! and yes I do love Jesse more than just making dinner for him ;)