Sunday, September 27, 2009



shoulders brush against people walking by.
the park is packed.
i wonder what they see from where they cannot hear my heart.

blank stares.

"thank you."
window seat.
pondering the long ride ahead.
full flight of people going places.

rush of excitement as the plane starts for take-off.
soon the cars look like mini-match box cars.
people smaller than Lego men.

listening to the emergency exit routine with one ear.
the swimming pools look like bright turquoise spots of paint.
the houses seem closer together from up here.


the houses turn to fields.
a patchwork quilt of greens and yellows stretch out below.
mountains invade the quilt with the night.
dark blue peaks with speckles of snow.

sleep sounds nice, but excitement for what's ahead take over the thoughts.
clouds appear as silk flowing by.
it seems as though i could reach out and touch the stars.


chaos seems far from here.
i know the collision of reality and this view is only so far away.
the stares and snickers can only be silenced for so long.
the rumors and assumptions can only be silenced in my head.

chin lifting.
Spirit rising.
going higher.

my thought can only be consumed by choice.
sugar. candy. cake. love
love. hearts. invitations. fun.
fun. color. laughing. tickling.
tickling. papa. screaming. laughing.
laughing. child. color. money. sugar.

you hold me now.
peace floods in.
no darkness.
just light.


no matter 'their' thoughts.
no matter 'their' looks.
no matter 'their' assumptions.

my decision to 'fly' is not based on that.
lizards who scamper away at my silly stories are not phased by 'their' impression of the situation.
only i can choose to let the smile fade and hope sink.

turbulence disturbs the moment.
but only for a moment.

peace settles in.
city lights twinkle.
seat belts on.
the ride is nearly over.
the journey has just begun.

hope. is. rising.
with every thought my spirits sore.
with every smile my heart dances.
with every sip of clean water my nervousness fades.

chaos is still around.
chin lifting.
spirit rising.
going higher.

because i know.
He is enough.

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Our Journey said...

That was one of the most wonderful blogs I've seen you post... I just loved it, and the way you wrote it was empowering! Great job, and I completely agree.

Thanks for sharing!

Neysa brandon