Tuesday, October 27, 2009

get 7 brothers.

great strategy for keeping creepy guys away? get 7 brothers. it scares them right down to the bone.

need to understand football to impress a great guy? get 7 brothers. they know all about football.

need to learn how to put someone in a head-lock should they attack you? get 7 brothers. they are good at teaching such things.

want to understand why guys say some of the things they say? get 7 brothers. sometimes they shed light on such subjects.

want to know if you look good for a date but not "too good"? get 7 brothers. they GLADLY tell you these things!

need a reason to wear a jersey and eat too much popcorn at baseball games? get 7 brothers. tell them it's for THEIR birthday and they won't even know it's your secret desire!

i have 7 brothers.
i wouldn't trade one of them for anything in the world.
Jesus knew i was going to be a handful, so he gave me 7 brothers to keep me in line!

{brother #1.} Gregg. 25 years old.He's the only one older than me! my first "big" brother. He likes having a beard... and so i call him "beard man". It's funny. When we were little we had secrets. i don't remember them, but i remember not telling them. Gregg always got to do things first. He was the oldest. Oldest to Youngest. The good thing was being #2. But still he got to go to "real" school before any of us! He road a bike with 2 wheels before any of us. He flew on a plane before any of us. He weighed more at birth than any of us. He's my "cool" brother. He has tattoos. I can't imagine him without them. **Secret about Gregg**
When Gregg was in 3rd grade he would put gel in his hair and spike it straight up!

{brother #2.} Jeremiah. 22 years old.He's my little big brother. One day i woke up and he was all of a sudden not shorter than me, and so therefore not my "little" 'miah anymore. He's my smart brother. When we were little we would play 'Oregon Trail' on the computer, and he would tell me the best strategy to not loose my cattle or kids to yellow fever. When we both wanted to be Archeologist in Egypt he would read the Encyclopedia about Egypt out loud to me. Although he was younger, i forgot it all the time because he was always looking out for me. When we took German 101, 102 & 103 together at the community college, he made sure i didn't fail the tests and quizzes. One time for Christmas he bought me a framed poem that made me cry.
**Secret about Jeremiah**
Jeremiah doesn't like to eat Chicken, learned to tolerate it, but doesn't enjoy it.

{brother #3.} Joshua. 19 years old.I am pretty sure we always had a secret bond because we are both September babies! I remember when he was born he didn't look like the rest of us, but we loved him anyway. He's my brother who knows everything about animals. When he was little we thought he would grow up to be a vet or a marine biologist. He could look at those silly birthday cards with wacky animals on them and tell you, not only the name of the animal but where it was from and what it ate. Josh is my first running brother(i used to run a lot). This made me SO happy! He is SO much fun to watch run, he runs like a cheetah... long strides, with so much grace... oh and he smiles when he runs, this is totally weird to me! Josh was also my first brother to get glasses just like me! Josh is really funny. I don't even think he tries...it just happens. I like it.
**Secret about Josh**
When Josh was little he was allergic to Peanut Butter and Cinnamon. He grew out of it.

{brother #4.} Ben. 16 years old.My Benny-boo-boo. I love him. I was in the room when Benners was born. It was magical. My mom made labor look like a piece of cake!!! When he came out i was in awe. Benjamin was quickly shortened to Ben, Benny, B-E-N-benen or my favorite Benny-boo-boo. He was a cute one... so much fun to watch grow up. Ben was not always quiet... and secretly he is a wild-child... but only when he is in his comfort zone. Ben and Josh are both so funny. Ben is the only other sibling who shares my passion for photography. He has helped me shoot 3 weddings! What a guy! He can capture landscapes i dream of, but never see. Don't tell him, but i am a little jealous of his laptop & ipod touch. Ben is a servant to all. I have NEVER met a 16 year old guy who is more acutely aware of others needs!!! Some girl is going to be SO BLESSED to have him... in 30 years, when i allow him to get married!
**Secret about Ben**
When Ben was little a dog ate from his falling off diaper.

{brother #5.} J. 13 years old.J. is my surprise brother. He's #5 in birth order, and #11 in coming home to the D family! J. grew up 5 countries from a place that holds my heart. West Africa. When i was in West Africa J. was running around catching flies and keeping cool under the tree in the Village. J. has my dream hair. It never needs to be dyed dark, it just is. J. may be small for his age, but goodness gracious that guy is so strong! Sometimes we arm wrestle. J. and i have secret nicknames for each other. His is "Home Chicken". Mine is "Home Turkey." Ask me the story sometime and you will tilt your head sideways and laugh! J. loves soccer, sometime i want to see him play on a team. J. also loves music. We like to rock out in my car with the windows down. J. has something i don't; rhythm.
**Secret about J.**
J. can do the coolest finger snapping thing when he shakes your hand.

{brother #6.} Josiah. 9 years old.Oh Joe! Blond brother #2! Josiah had stitches twice before he was 2... he was a going little boy. Josiah loves ART. i am pretty sure he would be happy if art was the only subject in school. When Josiah was 5 or 6 he heard God tell him he would be an artist someday. I don't think he has stopped painting, drawing, coloring or looking at Art books everyday since. Josiah has the greatest laugh ever! One time we were on a road trip and he started CRACKING UP in his car seat; when we asked him what was so funny he replied "i made a joke in my head!" Josiah is a great listener. Even when you think he isn't paying attention, he is. He also is a thinker. He processes information at a 16 year old level.
**Secret about Josiah**
Josiah just got glasses, and doesn't like them very much.

{brother #7.} Elijah. 7 years old.E monkey. Elijah is our miracle brother. He met Jesus twice. He lived to tell about it. He has scares that tell the story of his Miracle. Elijah loves to play Uno. He especially likes it when he wins. Sometimes if he makes a good play he scruntches up his little face and laughs in his throat. It's really great. E is a runner. This summer he ran the mile in under 8 minutes! i have NEVER done that! He also smiles when he runs. weird. Elijah leaves the best messages on my voice mail. i save everyone. He has the most power to make me melt into a pile of tears (because i miss him) or laugh until i cry because he is so silly.
**Secret about Elijah**
Elijah climbed up a palm tree at age 4.

dear Jesus, thank you for my brothers. My life is richer because of each one of them. Pour out your blessings on their lives. Protect them from the enemy. Send angles to them when they are lonely and scared because even guys get scared sometimes. Open doors i'd never have dreamed possible for their lives. Keep safe and prepare the special girls who will steal my place in their hearts. Show each of my brothers the glorious things you want them to do. Set your kingdom before them as a prize to reach for. Most of all Jesus, give my 7 brothers all the things they have given me; protection. love. grace. laughter. joy.


Laurel said...

A WONDERFUL post about your AMAZING brothers!!!

You've got a few cute sisters too.

mama :)

kori bates said...

What a great post.

Anonymous said...

I love this oh-so-much!

If I didn't like being an only child before, I definitely do now.

Can i have one? Just one?

-- Steph

Vicky said...

Wonderful post, Cassie! You captured each one very well. Your brothers are awesome! :)

Also, in 6th grade, I spent many a recess with friends in the computer lab playing Oregon Trail (I am such a nerd...). We got really good at it and could usually get to the end without everyone dying. I wonder if you can still get that game? If so, I'm seriously tempted to buy it.... :)

Jeremiah said...

well, there have definitely been better picture of me, but a great post nonetheless! Love you! :)

ajnrileysmommy said...

enjoyed reading this post! :)