Friday, October 02, 2009

P.B. & J.

I have been wanting and planning on writing this post for just over 2 weeks now, however photo shoots, editing, long-lost friends and LIFE has once again limited the blog-posting.

I found a treasure! Right here in Central Oregon! It's amazing, inspiring and hidden. I can't stop telling people about it. It's called P.B.&J. Now i know you are thinking P.B. & J. normally is short for something we ate everyday of our childhood, but not so much anymore...

P= People.
B= Barn.
J= Jesus.

I know it might sound a little "cheesy" but seriously it's a treasure that i am SO glad i happened upon.

God has his way of making sure people click, read, click and read the right things. A little over a month ago i received an email inquiring about my photography business.. Jenay had found my blog via a comment i left on Katie's blog. Now mind you although i read every new post Katie writes i rarely leave a comment. That time i did.

A few weeks and emails later i was on my way out to Powell Butte to take some Senior Photos for Lashae and then also a few family photos. As i drove out there i couldn't help but laugh at the fact that i got the job because of a comment i left on the blog of a girl who lives in Uganda!!! Crazy! The Brewer Family were all rock stars! We had such a great time taking pics enjoying the incredible Sunday afternoon Weather!

After wards i went back to their house and they invited me to stay for P.B. & J.

The treasure had been found.

People from the Powell Butte area started showing up with food, drinks and the some of most welcoming hearts i have EVER met in my life!!! After we all ate dinner and chatted about this and that some of the dad's put together a game of kickball. Some of the mom's watched, some stayed inside and drank coffee, did the dishes and chatted about this and that. After a little while all the "kids" gathered up in the Barn for "Bible study" time. The basis of P.B.&J was explained to me like this;

"We want to mimic the early church in P.B.&J. So we ate some food, we fellowship-ed, and now we are going to study the life and teachings of Jesus."

I sat in that barn, and for the next hour was in awe of this little group of about 20 young people who want to change the World for Christ! They got in the Word, talked about it, thought about it, discussed it and prayed for each others needs! I was totally blown away.

Powell Butte is normally referred to as a Community not a Town. There is a Post Office. A country store. A Church. A Cemetery. and a whole bunch of ranches and farms! It's lovely really. When people in Central Oregon hear about/talk about Powell Butte they most likely have never heard of P.B.&J. and they most likely do not talk about the young people who are believing for HUGE World change starting in their community.

20 people focused on Jesus. Loving their community. Praying with/for each other. In a place where if you blink you miss it? Yes Please. This is a treasure for sure.

i am more blessed than a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow to have found it.


MooBee Mama said...

Cassie -

What a delight it was to meet you at PB&J! Your light for Jesus shines so beautiful and bright. And you have such an amazing gift to be able to capture the life and joy that lives inside a person and bring it out in the form of a photograph! God Bless you and I hope our paths cross again. Holly

Jim said...

I get first dibs on reserving a spot next summer at visit this place. I long to walk in the field, ponder & wonder of days gone by about the families who once called this place HOME.

Jim said...

I get first dibs on reserving a spot next summer at visit this place. I long to walk in the field, ponder & wonder of days gone by about the families who once called this place HOME.

chris and annie said...

This sounds so amazing. I love little pocket treasures like this that are like bright lighthouses on a hill. Awesome. Beautiful, rich imagery. It's so fun to read your stuff Cassie!! Thank you <3