Monday, November 09, 2009

get RAD parents.

ok, so i did my "Get 7 brothers" and "Get 5 sisters" posts... i was going to title this one, "get parents", but for some reason it didn't seem to work...

need anything? get RAD parents they will at least do what they can to make sure you get it.

want to know how to make good food? get RAD parents, they teach these types of things.

need advise from a million miles away? get RAD parents, they gladly will offer.

want to drink chocolate milk, just for fun? get RAD parents.

need a shoulder to cry on? get RAD parents they own lots of tear stained t-shirts.

want to laugh until you cry? get RAD parents they are funny folks.

My parents are stinking AMAZING! I don't even know how i got so blessed with them! I am probably one of the luckiest girls in the world.Papa and Mam'moo have been married for 27 years and get cuter and cuter all the time!

My Papa loves my Mama and they have been amazing examples of self-less living. I don't even know how they have been able to do all the things they have done. The only explanation of who they are is the POWER of God working in them and through them. They don't waver in the sight of adversity, they don't bend at the change of popular culture. They stand. They look UP for direction. They blow my mind with the strength they have exhibited through the thick and thin of life.

Cancer. Tumors. Surgeries. Death. Sickness. War. Pain.

things that make most people shutter have only brought strength to my parents. Not easy, but who says working out is a piece of cake? They have muscles, because of the fight they have fought.

they fight for their marriage.
they fight for their kids.
they fight for truth.
they fight.

dear Jesus, thank you for my parents. thanks for silly times. thanks for the love that nothing can take away. Jesus, please bless my parents with YOUR BEST... Open doors they never dreamed possible. Make straight the crooked and crazy paths. Bring encouragement into the dark place. Drop confetti on the bright places. Bring wisdom in chaos. Break off anything that hinders what you have for them. Set your kingdom before them as a prize to reach for. Enlarge the ministry you have called them to. Grow the weaker areas. Deepen the deep places. Give them new dreams, more desires, let the Holy Spirit inspire creative thoughts and ideas. Most of all give them everything i failed to as a daughter. Give them grace. love. provision. Amen.


kori bates said...

What a blessing! You just brought tears to my eye's.

Vicky said...

Yes, they are incredible. You and your siblings are extremely blessed (and we "adopted big kids" are also blessed that despite 13 kids, they are willing to take on a few more) :)

chris and annie said...

This was an amazing post my dear! I loved every word of it. It is so sadly rare to see couples "fighting" for their marriages and their families these days, so how blessed you are! This inspired me to keep fighting and living for Him! I want to leave a legacy of selflessness for my children too.
Love ya!

Violet said...

That is absolutely beautiful! They seem like very special people!

Bianca said...

Oh my word! This was so beautiful.

I want to hug them both.


Merry Christmas :)