Friday, April 09, 2010

some photos.

i realized i didn't post a lot of photos from my time with my Rockstar when he was here.

i also realized i need to write more.

for now... some photos:

Sunset on Lopez Island
Hike #2.Yes, we smooched.
(note to any young people who may be reading/or seeing these pictures: When you are 24 and have waited and prayed and are 24 and dating a man/woman of God... ONLY then are you allowed to smooch and put such photos on your blog or FB.)
it was sunny.i am basically a goofball and crawl in fox Rockstar is basically really good looking and serious.
we crack ourselves up.more sunset.we went to the Zoo with my amazing Mama and little Siblings. Mostly, we did our best to look cute....

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