Thursday, April 22, 2010

three years.

April 22, 2007
i woke up to the sun shining in a new city, a new bedroom and a new life.

1 church.
2 jobs.
6 houses.
2 best friends.
3 favorite coffee shops.
10 times calling friends because i was lost.
7 beautiful peaks.
5 first dates.
1 awesome Rockstar.
66,000 miles put on my car.
100 times up and down the butte.
2 high school youth pastors.
1 broken foot.
12,500 pictures taken.
1,000's of tears.
100's of dreams come true.
18 messages preached.
millions of prayers.
millions of minutes on the phone.


1,095 days later.

April 22, 2010
i woke up to the sun shining through my window. it's a new day. it's a new moment. i can't believe all that has happened in the last three years. i can't believe what God has done. i am so thankful. i am so blessed. i am:

*check back in the next couple days for more thoughts on the last 3 years*


Anonymous said...

I love this post more than lots. I'm so grateful and glad you decided to make the trek south of the Washington border and enter this little town and my little life.
So grateful. So glad.
So excited to watch you leap into your next big adventure.

Love you dear friend!

-- Steph

Anonymous said...

YAY! So glad you did! love you!

J said...

I like how you wrote this blog. Not sure what your journey has been for the past three years but I'm sure it was a great one.

btw, my name is Juan and I'm from northern, CA. Hope you don't mind me reading some of your posts here. please read some of mine as well, hopefully we can become blog friends in the future. :)

Kati Rose said...

oh Cass, there has been a lot of life in these last 3 years. It amazes me! It's been so cool to watch you take this leap of faith and run with it.
Jumping for joy with you,
Jati K