Saturday, April 19, 2008

Everything was New...

This weekend marks a YEAR since i moved to Bend! Can you believe it??? I can =) and so here starts a series of blogs that commemorate this last year~
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Everything was New...

Last April 21st i woke up to the central Oregon sun shining through my window and i realized something... from here on out everything will be New... and so it was...

New Home to organize and make my own.
New Church to love and find my place in.
New Job to provide for my needs.
New Boss(es) to tell me what to do(and what not to do.)
New Friends... slowly but surely i found  some friends!
New enemies to inform me over & over than i loved Jesus just a little too much for their liking.
New streets to Google Earth and find my way around the round-a-bouts.
New coffee shops to taste and find a favorite.
New gas stations, where they pump it for you... weird.. and still not used to it.
New Safeways to learn where the milk and cereal are.
New Parks to explore and watch the ducks.
New favorite photo spots.
New faces around every corner... and why did it seem (at first) that every guy was SO much cuter than the ones in Washington?????
New coffee buddies.
New Buttes to climb.
New songs to sing.
Everything was so new and refreshing...and sometimes scary... but mostly new.

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