Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello, My name is 2009 and I'm full of Wonder!

*Please tell me the title at least made you smile a little tiny smile?*

2008 was a year to remember for sure. So many good times. I'm sure there are many moments i wish i could remember better; and one's i know i will never forget. As i ponder the last year there are many was i could write this blog, by the number or events or hardships. I could make some really great spiritual allegory or try and paint a picture. I could upload a thousand photos from the last year or one that i think captures the whole year. I could just tell you to go to my blog archives and start with January 2008 and work your way forward. I'm still pondering, so please forgive what may come as a random jumble of moments as i remember them.

Favorite Photos of 2008(6 of 9000+ taken in '08):

January 2008:April 2008:May 2008:June 2008:December 2008:Yes i really did take over 9,000 photos in 2008!!! I know I'm a little shutter happy.

The following is(sort of) what i wrote for my family's Christmas Newsletter and sums up my life nicely:

This year has been full of so many joys, surprises, pleasures and excitement I could fill a book! The faithfulness of God was exactly what got me through the first year of living in Bend, and I am so grateful that he never let’s go of us when we surrender to Him completely!!!

Ministry. I am still volunteering with the High School ministry at Westside Church and weekly have moments that make me want to JUMP, DANCE and SCREAM: This IS what I was made for! I counseled cabins at both Winter and Summer Camp, I mentor a few girls one on one and spend lots of time letting my creative ideasrun wild with themselves. My goal: to see young people follow hard after God and His purpose for them on the earth. Few things bring me more joy then to see a student “get it”.

Friends. Oh, how the Lord has blessed me with incredible friends this year!!! I remember the lonely times, but I praise the Lord that those moments are fewer then before! Boating, coffee, hiking, coffee, wake boarding, coffee, games, coffee, laughing and more coffee. I love that each of those things reminds me of great times with friends. Watching my brother fall in love with
Heidi was something i will never forget! Watching Jenna walk in Faith as she gets ready to head to Botswana is something that makes my heart dance. Watching Stu fall into real life with Jesus brings tears to my eyes. Watching lots of friends DO what they were made for makes me want to shout for joy and smile lots! Seeing Paige and Whitney head off to college made me a proud "big sis". Sitting at Backporch with (Joann, Mekenzie,Katie, Stephenie,Lisa, Jessie, Karlee, Jordan, Michelle, Cliff, Casey,Dave, Majell, Jenna,Bo...)Did i leave anyone out? Basically Backporch Coffee+(amazing)Friends= LIFE!

Work. After a year and a half at Red Robin, I took off my blue polo and khaki pants. I put away my apron and birthday songs. I picked up a blanket, binky and a BEAUTIFUL baby boy named Seven! Becoming a nanny has been one of the biggest blessings of my Fall. Seven and I
have lots of fun together. He is one of the sweetest-tempered babies EVER! We like to go for walks, read books and play pee-a-boo.

I have also had the pleasure and blessing to start developing my photography business here in Bend. God totally blessed my socks off with a great Photography mento who is incredibly gifted and fun to learn from. Benjamin Edwards finally relented from me web stocking him and let me come along to a few shoots!!! I feel so blessed with the learning and with the business! My goal is to expand, get a website, and take double the pictures in 2009!

And so to answer my wake up call this morning(aka the title) I say this: BRING IT ON! I am thrilled and full of Hope for this year i have ahead of me. I can't wait to see God act on His Word. I can't wait to hear His whisper. I am anticipating His challenges. I eagerly look forward. I stand on my tip-toes and crane my neck to see what's ahead. Oh, the moments that are waiting to be captured. Oh the stories that await to be walked out. Oh the dances of Joy that await and the tears of growth wait to burst out! Bring on the Wonder. Bring on the year.


Laurel said...

Great post!

mama :)

Anonymous said...

who's the band in the january photo?

Cassie said...

Elliot is the Band. check them out at

Vicky said...

The title definitely made me smile, and the wonderful post about your year only made that smile bigger!

Love you Cassie!!!!

Stephenie said...

I'm so privileged to be included in your "shout outs"... and your 2008 of course! :)

-- Steph