Monday, January 05, 2009

Post Script (P.S.)

Oh how i love the comments that the last post has generated!!!!

This is my P.S. to that post.

Although i am single and most defiantly am waiting/longing for "Mr. Wonderful" the previous post was not only thought up in the mind of a 23-year-old who desires to have a man by her side. It was written by a 23-year-old who desires to see real change in the World around her....a change not by any political party or group of people who have their panties in a ruffle, but change that is inflamed by the Word of God and HIS desire to be loved, see others loved and serve the World. Love is a central key to change. And more specifically unselfish love. Think about real change. Perhaps change you have seen or dreamed of. If it is change only God can bring about then it is fueled by His love for the World and desire to see all people come to a knowledge of Him. If it is change people can bring about... on a large scale it needs to be fueled by a love that has no selfish ambition.

I will not sit here and pretend that the previous post came solely from a place of "world change". But please read it again. Please don't read it through lens of a girl desiring a man. I wrote it as that girl, but also because of SO MANY MORE THINGS going on in my life... and RISK is involved in every step. I once heard it said like this; Faith is jumping over a river. It takes a small amount of faith to jump over a 10ft. stream of rushing water. Risk is still involved, yet on a small scale. It takes a larger amount of faith to jump over a 15ft. stream of rushing water. More risk is involved. It takes a lot of faith to jump over a 25ft. stream of rushing water. There is a lot of risk in even thinking about jumping 25ft. However it's faith in this situation is not just believing that God will catch you, build a bridge or give you wings. It's believing that you are actually hearing the voice of God and you believe in your self to actually make that jump.

Peter did not start sinking because he didn't believe Jesus. Jesus was doing just fine. Jesus had in fact told Peter to walk to him on water, so in fact Jesus believed that Peter could do it. Peter didn't believe Peter could do it.

My hope is that we all would be in the Word, and listening to the voice of God, so that when we have waited. When we have prayed. When we have heard the voice of God pointing us in a direction. We would indeed be ready to take the risk and jump... and then change would come.

**the C.S. Lewis book is The Four Loves**


Anonymous said...

I thought I may have been reading that last one a bit narrow. Thanks for the PS. I think your last paragraph ("My Hope...") hits it right on the head. Keep on living uncomfortably
- Anonymous

Jennifer said...

I am also viewing the world as a single 23-year-old, but just as your previous post was not soley about a girl wanting to find a man, neither was my comment soley refering to that one desire!

God has been teaching me about the amazing capacity He has given women to love people, including our husband and our children (someday), but also everyone else in the world around her.

Love covers a multitude of sin. In my case, when someone first showed the love of Christ to me, it was like an arrow that pierced through the sin and straight into the depths of my soul! It was the unfailing love of Christ that was aimed at me in a stradegic way...the best way, to get through all my stuff! Hence my arrow analogy in your previous post.

I don't think that your post was misunderstood, you have such a beautiful heart, and no one can deny that you sincerely desire to look like your Savior and change the world with His love!

To me, love isn't just an act of kindness or compassion here and there, its a battle strategy! If you're shooting at someone who has a lot of armor on, your love is likely to have little to no effect on them. But when you find their weak spots, the little spaces between the armor, that's where you aim your arrows.

I'm thinking of a specific person I know when I'm saying this. Sometimes my effort to love her comes acrossed to her as being pushy. Though I never actually stop having love for her in my heart, sometimes I just hold it back until the moments when I know she'll feel it the most.

Even God waited for the most perfect time and place to show His love to the world when He sent Jesus Christ to live and die for us. He knew when that love would have the biggest impact on as many lives as possible.

Love is truly the greatest of things, but it is the greatest because it has the most potential to do the most damage to the kingdom of hell when it is taken into battle as a weapon, rather than just a banner.

Love the political panty ruffles bit by the way!!:)

Love you Cassie!

Carissa said...

Way to be bold!!!!
i am daily learning to live uncomfortably and do things that can only be accomplished by faith and the Holy Spirit!!!
Let's take risks and change this world!

joann renee said...

CS Lewis rocks.
And so do you.
I got it/ get it, and concur completely.

brandenthomascarpenter said...

Dear Cassie,
Well written, very every well written! It is regretful that I did not read that sooner because it is just so good. In fact, I believe you may have inspired me to write again, not that I could top that.